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Bradley Cooper Contacts: How to contact Bradley Cooper Directly

by Louis
Bradley Cooper Contacts

Thanks to his successful film career, Bradley Cooper, one of the best-looking Hollywood actors, is a household name. Some of the popular movie titles he is known for include Silver Linings Playbook, A Star Is Born, American Sniper, Nightmare Alley, American Hustle, The Marvel series, The Hangover, The Mule, Serena, Aloha and Burnt. With 8 Oscar nominations and the title of the sexiest man alive, it is literally the dream of every up-and-coming director to collaborate with him. It is not just that. Think about the fan base he maintains; there are practically millions of them trying to get in touch with the prolific actor and convey to him about how much they admire his work. If you are a fan, you should read on to find out three confirmed ways to contact Bradley Cooper.

The Creative Artists Agency

As you learn more about Bradley Cooper, you also become familiar with the name Dave Bugliari. He works as a super-agent for the Creative Artists Agency, a company based out of Los Angeles. He represents several top artists and Bradley Cooper is one of them. He has also started a Hollywood management firm with one of the top hedge funding professionals Steve Cohen. While his friendship with Bradley Cooper is definitely one of the reasons you can write to him to get in touch with the star, he is also the manager, so the chances are high that you will definitely connect with Bradley for the right reasons. The email id would be dbugliari@caa.com. He is also one of the founding partners at Range Media Partners, and you can contact them on LinkedIn.

While Dave manages his theatrical work, Mr. Peter Hess is also a talent scout who manages the projects signed by Bradley Cooper. Likewise, you can also contact Mr. Steven Lashever, and he focuses exclusively on the commercial work done by Bradley. You might as well write to info@caa.com for more generalized queries. Of course, you can expect a faster response if reaching out for brand collaboration, advertisement opportunities or related.

The Publicist Firm

Just like a group of talent agents focusing on the projects signed by Bradley Cooper, there is also an exclusive firm working on public relations. Since the actor is not on social media, it is one of the best ways to try and contact. Nicole Caruso of Wolf | Kasteler manages public relations primarily, and you can contact through the official website.

The Production Company

As you may have heard recently, Bradley Cooper has launched a production label to back the movie ‘Hyperion’ under Warner Bros. Though it is a label that is signing a movie under an existing production house, it is exclusive to Bradley Cooper. We would also like to add that attending his movie premieres and charity events can give you a better chance at meeting him.


While you may think social media could be a much easier way to contact the actor, you should know that Cooper is not active on popular platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Most celebrities indeed consider privacy issues as a reason not to use social media, but Cooper has a different reason. He seems concerned that the social media presence may impact how his fans perceive him in the movies. Cooper thinks the character may not be convincing enough for the audience if the fans knew too much about him as a person. When we said he is a good actor, we definitely meant it. However, if you would like to follow fan pages to catch updates on the star, you can check out Bradley Cooper Network on Twitter and fan-made websites on Google. Though he is not on social media, his fans have not left any stone unturned to heap praises.

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