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Edgar Obare Biography and Background Info

by Louis
Edgar Obare


Edgar Obare, the founder of Edgar Obare the YouTube channel and a USIU master’s degree graduate, is a rarity in today’s world; the self-proclaimed ‘Truthseeker and Storyteller’ has made his name by outing Kenyan celebrities’ secrets, scandals and believe it or not, actual, honest, journalism.

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Edgar Obare studied at the United States International University and then proceeded to Europe for a master’s in computer science. He is a widely traveled man with an impressive Instagram to show for it.

During his time at USIU, he tried modeling and even contested the Mr and Miss USIU beauty pageant. He failed.

When doing his masters, Edgar was a vlogger, perhaps hoping to cash in on Kenyans’ love for those living in the diaspora. The vlogging route did not yield much especially because he had a broken leg and spent much of the time complaining and whining about the pain he was feeling as a result of the broken leg.

As luck would have it, Edgar ventured into a niche that many had not discovered yet as soon as he landed in the country. Over 60,000 subscribers later, he is what every vlogger wishes to be. Many who are fighting for the piece of the pie are struggling to keep up.

Celebrities Edgar Obare Has Exposed

Terrence Creative Cheating on Milly Chebby

Along with Terrence, Edgar exposed Milly Chebby as the lady who brings down younger women by threatening to unleash Mungiki on them for seducing her husband instead of confronting the said husband for cheating on her.

No man or woman has made more videos about the life of a celebrity in Kenya than Edgar did on Terrence. He went 8 videos deep, going as far as looking for the pretty young thing Terrence had an affair with.

Edgar Obare was so vicious with his coverage of the infidelity story that his series of videos trended on Twitter and Instagram. You know something is real when a YouTube couple takes a trip to Naivasha to prove to the public that their perfect public persona is still intact.

WaJesus Family’s Hoodies Scandal

With this story, Edgar installed himself as the most authoritative gossip hub. Realizing his newly found power, he went for the big boys club. The WaJesus Family. As it turns out, the waJesus Family has been doing some unJesus like things.

Edgar left no holds barred as he tore into the WaJesus Family’s habit of copy-striking smaller content creators on YouTube. He also accused them of scamming an unknown hoodie designer and their followers.

The WaJesus Family buys hoodies from the unknown designer and sells the hoodies to their gullible followers at five times the original price.  The plot twist comes when it becomes clear that it is Terrence and his wife who were Edgar’s source on the WaJesus story.

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Edgar Obare Interview

Mercy Kavutha of Daily Nation caught up with Edgar to learn the art of vlogging about Kenya’s elite.

Some people term news as discovering and exposing something that someone doesn’t want to be known. What do you think about that?

I think the basis of such a statement is the fact that there is always a bigger picture and a true journalist aims for that, no matter what.

So what do you call what you do?


I am a storyteller. I tell stories about people and my channel has a lot of different kinds of investigative content dealing with issues in society, not just celebrities.

You started as a videographer. What turned the tide for you?

I started by documenting my adventures on Instagram and that gained a lot of traction with my followers, but Instagram had that 15 second limit on stories so I took my art to YouTube and things were never the same! But it got heated up when I posted the story on Natalie Tewa.

The controversy is your language…have you suffered for that?

Yup. Currently dealing with an ongoing situation right now that I can’t speak of. I learned to involve lawyers in everything. For example, the story on Terrence Creative, I talked to a lawyer before every episode. Some people do not like what I say but it’s part of the job and I have accepted that.

Edgar Obare

Edgar Obare

How would you describe the power of your vlog?

There is trust between my audience and me, and that says a lot in terms of power.

You revealed that you openly invite people to ‘pitch’ you interesting stories to talk about. Are there some stories that are too vile to even report?

Sometimes people come to me with stories to settle personal scores which is not okay.  I also don’t vlog anything to do with children.

Do you have celebrities who will not talk to you no matter what you do or say, simply because of what you do?

Surprisingly, no! But they are always my friends until they are in the hot seat and suddenly start saying they can’t stand me.

Why do you think we’re obsessed with celebrity scandals?

It’s entertaining and it makes for good table talk and debates. I’m happy to oblige.

How do you get all your gossip?

I’m a one-man team, so my sources are people who follow me. Like, a follower may come to me with receipts on a thing they saw a certain celebrity doing, and, if it’s important, I do my research then roll with it. I’m the mouthpiece but its Kenyans who do the important part. I don’t have people following celebrities.

What are you most grateful for in this experience?

The opportunity to impact people’s lives positively. I have a lot of people coming up to me telling me how my vlog helped them in their investigations or opened their eyes to certain situations.

Have you thought about being a bit less ‘brutal’ in the exposes?

Legally, yes. I have been advised to chill, especially when it comes to big personalities, but I love what I do and I do it because Kenyans deserve a truth-seeker for once. I don’t even make a lot of money!

In matters of success, what lessons did you learn that shot you to the top of the charts, leaving many established magazines in the dust?

I can back my claims with evidence and that is surprisingly rare.

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