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Education system reason for unemployment in Kenya

by Louis

Looking for exemplar employment in Kenya is considered the secure and most helpful way to a satisfied and ordinary existence. Everyone is trying to survive. In Kenya, the employment estimate stands at forty percent, where sixty-four percent of Kenyan minorities are unemployed. With such staggering statistics, it is arduous for an individual to get a job in Kenya. Unemployment in Kenya has been a critical topic in the lips of many inclosing President Uhuru Kenyatta, who confirmed this during his inauguration, “Dealing with unemployment in Kenya will be a preference for my regime. We are dedicated to generating jobs and opportunities in Kenya for our mass, particularly the Youths. We will accomplish this by creating an empowering environment for our private sector in Kenya.”

Kenyans hold education in high regard for it is straightly linked to employment. Parents in Kenya are prepared to starve and even dress in old clothes to warrant that their children go to the most excellent schools. The future is prosperous if your children have been thoroughly educated in Kenya for it contemplates what they will bring back home and to the society. Endow in your children today, and they shall befit the very example of the intellectual associates of community in Kenya likewise care for you in your twilight age.

Nevertheless, this is no more the case; the schooled in Kenya no longer amass any worth, regard, or acceptance to the family and the community at large. Instead, those who have gone to school endure wasting time and loiter like the unlearned and semi-literate in Kenya. In the past years, the 80s and early 90s, anybody who had gone to high school was admired, and people even held fundraisings to ensure that they advance their studies in universities in Kenya. This person was cherished, and it was anticipated that he would yield back to the community once he calibrated upon the conclusion of his course in Kenya. This individual was a role model peculiarly to those who were still in the lower classes.

In current days, anybody can join the university if you have money and power. It is not about excellence no longer. Is this a requisite ill? When each person in the Kenyan society craves learning, it should be a beneficial thing whereas people are being liberated from mental toil. But what ensues when all struggle for a share of the cake? Won’t several individuals famish? Should we bake extra cakes? Should we commence more institutions in Kenya to serve the discriminated against, the broke, those in the marginalized neighborhoods in Kenya and such who are challenged concerning Education?

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Kenya has 33 public universities, 30  private universities and 12 universities with LIA (letter of Interim Authority) which is the prime authorization step for private universities in Kenya. The intent is to ensure that every single citizen in Kenya can access quality education. With the increase in educational institutions of higher education in Kenya, the attribute of education has also gone down. When we take a look at the mass of students graduating every year, it is apparent that the numbers far offset the job chances existing in Kenya. The future is equitably harsh for thousands of youthful Kenyans for whom economic liberation rest a pipe aspiration. They continue to suffer at home disappointed and impotent to action what they developed in philosophy.

Majority in Kenya have robust prospects, and they pass over manual and agricultural jobs. They have the sentiment that they are fashioned for white-collar occupations and dignified employment in Kenya. When this does not happen, they get disillusioned, angry, and even self-absorbed. With this comes insurgence and most devise gangs who stipulate in illegal acts in Kenya like thieving, carjacking, and assassination.

Research in Kenya by USAID (U.S. Agency for International Development) presents that, over the elapsed eleven years, the Kenyan economy has generated only 250,000 jobs. Thus leaving hundreds of thousands minus formal employment. Many of them are compelled to enter the informal sector, while sixty percent of Kenyans exist on smaller than 2 USD (Ksh 200) a day. The enduring 9.3 million are self-employed Kenyans.

Those who comprehend that the system is, in fact, imperfect and can’t lie back and luxuriate in misery take the bull by the horns and enterprise into self-employment.

There are other grounds as to why joblessness is a subject matter that doesn’t attenuate. A chief breach in the system is the actuality that jobs are not provided merit-wise in Kenya. It is a count of who you know. Some employers even hold ‘blockhead’ interviews precisely to execute the protocol, but they already have individuals to occupy the slot”. Even if we have tried to bridle bribery in Kenya, the reality is that certain people pay to get into specific occupations.

There is a massive accumulation of students given university closures induced by student riots and strikes in Kenya. This has prompted public universities in Kenya having fold intakes, which vice-chancellors adduce as the primary cause of declining academic standards in the nation. When measures of these institutions fall, all we get are good for nothing graduates who cannot concede in the job sphere.

This being premeditated, some people have lived through the tough times in Kenya and are blooming in the industry that they are. When the running gets hard, the hard get running.

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