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Equity Bank Pay bill. How to deposit Money from Mpesa to Equity Bank

by Louis
Equity Bank Pay bill

You can comfortably pay your service bills using M-Pesa Paybill numbers. Equity bank pay bill number allows you to deposit money into your Equity bank account from Mpesa. Equity Bank is one of the 44 licensed banks in Kenya. As with all M-Pesa services, you can use the Equity bank pay bill number and convey money from your car or office. You can then pay bills from your Equity bank account. These bills constitute school fees, customs, and excise duty and even NHIF contributions as per the new NHIF rates.

Alternatively, utilize your Equitel enabled a mobile phone to pay bills using Equitel Kenya and My Money. These comprise the KPLC bill, GOtv, and StarTimes. You can purchase airtime as well as pay for data/internet from your Equity Bank account. This is executed through the Equitel SIM card. This is the method to follow to utilize the Equity bank pay bill number to deposit cash into your Equity bank account. It’s handier than queuing at the bank. You also profit from the low Mpesa charges. Paying bills from your Equity Bank account is also more affordable due to the low Equitel charges.

The Equity bank Mpesa pay bill number allows you to create a deposit into an Equity bank account securely, at your preference, and with total satisfaction.

How to Use Equity Bank Paybill Number for Mpesa to Equity Bank Account

  1. Select Mpesa from your phone’s Safaricom menu. Then choose Lipa na M-PESA.
  2. Choose Pay Bill.
  3. M-Pesa will ask you for the Pay Bill Number. Enter 247247 which is the Equity bank pay bill number.
  4. Enter your Equity bank account number or the account number that you want to transfer money from Mpesa to.
  5. Then enter the amount to transfer from Mpesa to the Equity bank account you entered in step 4.
  6. M-Pesa will ask for your M-Pesa PIN. Enter your M-Pesa PIN
  7. Verify that you have entered the correct data. It is very important that you do not skip this step.
  8. Confirm that the information you have entered is correct. Press OK to send.
  9. You will shortly receive an M-Pesa transaction confirmation SMS from Safaricom.
  10. You will also receive another confirmation message from Equity Bank stating that the amount has been successfully credited to so and so

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