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Flagstar Bank customer service contacts

by Louis
Flagstar Bank customer service contacts

Find below the customer service details of Flagstar Bank. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the financial service institution.

Flagstar Bank,
5151 Corporate Drive
Troy, Michigan 48098

Customer Service
Phone: 888 248 6423 (banking)
Phone: 800 968 7700 (loan)
Phone: 855 408 2157 (home lending)
Phone: 800 945 7700 (warehouse lending)

About Flagstar Bank

Flagstar bank is an American commercial banking institution. Headquartered at Troy, Michigan, the bank was founded in the year 1993. However, the bank’s history dates back to the year 1987 when it was founded as First Security Savings Bank. The holding company acquired another bank known as Security Saving Bank in the year 1994. This later came to be known as Flagstar Bank. Today, Flagstar has become one of the largest banks in the US. As of 2020, Flagstar is the sixth-largest bank mortgage provider and the third-largest savings bank in the United States. What sets Flagstar apart from most of the banks is the fact that they believe in carefully listening to the needs and wants of their customers, and after carefully analyzing all the aspects, they provide a customized solution to the customer. In the year 2018, Flagstar Bank acquired multiple branches of another financial services provider company known as Wells Fargo. This step further strengthened their presence in areas such as Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.

As of today, Flagstar has 160 branches operating in various states such as Michigan, Indiana, California, Wisconsin, and Ohio. The Mortgage division at Flagstar is the most popular among the masses. As of today, this division operates through 87 retail locations as well as a wholesale network of 2,400 third party mortgage providers. While Flagstar is a trusted name when it comes to housing loans, it has taken multiple steps to strengthen the community in many areas such as Pontiac, Michigan. The main aim of this program was to strengthen the Oakland county city. Flagstar believes that the first and foremost value any organization should hold dear is a sense of service towards the community. This strongly reflects in the way the bank functions. Key products of the bank for individuals and commercial customers  include checking accounts, savings accounts, debit cards, credit cards, Certificate of Deposit accounts, loans, stocks and bonds.

Flagstar bank values relationships, and it believes that relationships could be nurtured only through service. This is exactly why the bank has a well-dedicated customer service department, which ensures that all your queries are addressed every step of the way. Different types of queries are addressed through their dedicated portals, which ensures that you don’t get lost in the IVR. All the phone numbers to their different departments can be accessed on the website. You can also write to them by logging on to their website and heading over to the customer support section. After clicking on the “email us” option, you will be able to view a form. After filling in your details, you will be asked to type in a detailed description of the issue. Click on the ‘submit’ button, and you are good to go!

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