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How to be a Better Bettor

by Louis
How to be a Better Bettor

There are many ways to win bets, but there are certain things you want to do to make sure you are betting at a successful level. Even if your bet does not hit, it is important to understand the process and make sure you win more than you lose. Today, we will go over a few tips to make sure you can do a little bit better than you have been doing so far as a sports bettor.

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Do Not Pay for Picks

Some people swear by it but do not pay for someone else’s picks. There are obviously exceptions to the rule, but I would not do that as a generality. The reason is you are putting yourself unnecessarily in the red just to hope the person you paid for the picks hits at a rate that makes you money.

There is no sure-fire way to win, and most people attempting to sell picks are just snake oil salesmen and trying to make a quick buck instead of actually in the business of trying to give people winning bets. 

You will be in a good spot if you can avoid giving money for picks and instead follow people who provide free advice with reasoning attached. But always make your own decisions with your own money and not just go with a wager because someone else liked it. 

Do Your Research

There is something about going with your gut feeling on certain situations and having it hit. However, that will not make you a successful bettor in the long run, as it’s just picking games. Instead, you need to do some research to succeed, and the extent is up to you. 

I’m not saying to win bets you need to make betting on sports a full-time career because realistically, that is not what you need to do. Instead, have a reasoning behind each wager you will make beyond “this team is good, and that team sucks.” 

There are a lot of available outlets that will make you a more informed wagerer than just going with the good team on the Moneyline because there is no way they can lose, or you just have a feeling. 

Bet the Number, Not the Team

When placing bets, it is more important to understand and bet the number more than betting on the team. This does not get more true than betting on the spread in basketball and football, primarily as the sportsbooks tell us things with whatever the number is. 

Teams can be hit or miss depending on the game, but the number will be constant. 

Why does Vegas continue to be able to build millions of dollars worth of casinos and stay open for all these years? People think they know more and typically do not because they are invested in betting on their team like the New York Yankees, Dallas Cowboys, or Los Angeles Lakers. 

Vegas, or any sportsbook, tells you things beyond the surface with the numbers they are selecting. Understanding why the number is set at what it is will be necessary to your betting career and dissecting spreads to make you a lot of money. 


There are a lot of different tips, but these are three major ones that I see inexperienced bettors falling into just because they watched some movie about how Vegas works or a sports betting documentary. 

Understanding why you are making a bet is almost more important than actually getting the ticket itself. Once you can do just that, you are ready to take down the sportsbook consistently and become a better bettor. 

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