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How to Buy Telkom Airtime via MPESA and T – KASH

by Louis
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Perhaps you own a dual sim card phone and want to use your Telkom line, how do you go about it especially if you cannot readily access airtime? Here are a few steps for buying Telkom credit from M-PESA. In the event that you’ve utilized MPESA’s LIPA NA MPESA administration to take care of for tabs, for example, power, pay-TV, or web, the procedure is actually the equivalent. All you have to supplant is the Paybill number, and account number, and all will be a breeze. Telkom Kenya’s legitimate MPESA paybill NO for broadcast appointment top-up through Safaricom’s MPESA is 777711, and the account number ought to be your Telkom number. We have written TWO procedures you can use to buy Telkom airtime using Mpesa and one method to use if you are a T-KASH registered customer.

Buying Telkom airtime using PesaPal

This method has been the go-to option for long.

  1. Go to your Safaricom SIM toolkit and choose M-PESA
  2. Select Lipa na MPESA
  3. Go to Pay bill
  4. Enter 220220
  5. Enter your Telkom line number
  6. Enter the Amount
  7. Enter your PIN
  8. Confirm the transfer by clicking send
  9. Ensure the temporary 20-second message that pops up reads PesaPal
  10. If everything is okay, you let the transaction complete
  11. You will get a confirmation message from M-PESA documenting the transaction.
  12. Wait for some few seconds for a message from PesaPal (CHAP CHAP)

In case of any delays, confirm your balance. At times the Chap Chap confirmatory message comes later on even when the airtime has reflected.

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Buying using pay bill number 777711

Alternatively, you can use this most recent method to make airtime payments for your Telkom number. It is efficient and quick.

  1. Go to the M-PESA Menu
  2. Select “Paybill”
  3. Use 777711 as the business number
  4. Enter Account as your Telkom mobile Number.
  5. Key the amount you want to buy
  6. Enter your PIN then confirm.
  7. You will get a message from M-PESA acknowledging the transfer.
  8. Another SMS from Telkom Kenya should show your new airtime balance.

The two methods explain how to buy Telkom airtime using Mpesa. Using the second method is more efficient than the first one, which may experience some server delays.

Buy Telkom Airtime Via T-kash

  1. Step 1 – Go to your T-Kash Menu and select ‘Buy Airtime.’
  2. Step 2 – Select your preferred option, either for your Own Phone or Other Phone (enter the other phone number you want to buy airtime for).
  3. Step 3 – Enter amount & confirm details.
  4. Step 4 – Enter T-Kash PIN and press send.
  5. You will receive a T-Kash confirmation SMS and another from the network confirming airtime allocation.

Apparently, it is as simple as that!

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Telkom Customer Care Services

Head Office: Telkom Plaza – Ralph Bunche Rd.
PO Box 30301-00100, Nairobi.
Front Office Desk: 020 4952000
Customer Care:
Telkom Mobile:   100
Other Networks:   020 222 1000
Twitter: – @TelkomCare_Ke
Email: – CustomerCare@telkom.co.ke

Corporate Customer Care:

Telkom Mobile:   200
Telkom fixed-line: 0800 200 000
Other Networks:   020 4600 200
Email: – CorporateCare@telkom.co.ke

General Enquiries:

Email: – externalrelations@telkom.co.ke   

HR Enquiries:

Email: – hrenquiries@telkom.co.ke

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