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If you earn Ksh 100,000 in Kenya, you are better than someone earning Ksh 800,000 in USA—A Kenya living in USA Advises


A Kenyan living in USA has advised other Kenyans getting excited to leave Kenya to USA.He says that if someone is earning Ksh 100,000 in Kenya and has a home, he should not quit the job to go to USA.

“Here in USA life is not as easy as it looks, we are going through a lot. In case you live in Kenya and planning to relocate to the US, first check whether you are comfortable in Kenya in terms of salary and stress level. America is not for the faint hearted.

For those earning Ksh 100,000 and above, don’t dare come to America. Kwanza if you have your own home, stay there—you are better off than most of us who are in abroad. Here we sleep for 2-4 hours only, we don’t even have time for our families. For my case, I make $8000 per month and save less than $1000.Most of the money go into paying bills and mortgage. I pay $2000 every month for mortgage, $150 insurance medical cover, fuel $300, Food and shopping $1000, education $300 and other expenses at least $500.I also send money home, my parents and siblings depend on me.I literary work to pay bills.

I have been in USA for 10 years and honestly, I am tired. I don’t have my own time,I don’t have time to enjoy anything—every time is work.

While in Kenya, I used to have time for my friends and family but here, I am all alone and lonely.

No one told me what to experience in America.I came to chase a dream only to realize that I would still fulfill the dream back in Kenya.I feel like the 10 years I have been in USA have been full of emptiness and loneliness.Of course I earn money but of what use when I don’t enjoy it.Back in my country,I was happier even without money.I only needed Ksh 500 per day and live was okay.

All I can advise Kenyans wanting to come to America,please don’t especially if your monthly income is over 100k.You will be frustrated here”

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