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Janet Mbugua Biography, Age, Career, Husband, Facts, Family

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Janet Mbugua is more interesting to Kenyan families. The sweetheart media character was conceived in the beachfront pieces of Kenya in 1984. Nonetheless, the individuals who think they realize her might be amazed to realize that she has a twin sibling. Astonishing, would it say it isn’t? All things considered, there are a lot of things about Janet Mbugua’s memoir that you likely didn’t have the foggiest idea.

The praised media character has made some amazing progress to be the individual she is today. Aside from being a media character, Janet Mbugua is a stay and entertainer. She is broadly known for her time at Royal Media’s Citizen TV when she was a commentator and columnist.

She broke the hearts of numerous Kenyans when she left Citizen TV to concentrate more on other individual objectives, for example, establishing and overseeing Inua Dada Foundation. Since her fans can’t get enough of her, it isn’t unexpected to gone over inquiries, for example, where does Janet Mbugua live? There is a whole other world to find out about her and her a lot of commitment off the screen.

Janet Mbugua Education

Janet Mbugua’s biography is quite brief, and that is because she is careful about what she shares in various forms of media platforms. Janet Mbugua and her twin brother Timothy Mbugua were born in Mombasa on 10th January 1984 and are 36 years old now. Janet attended her high school education at Brooke House High School.

She then joined USIU for her undergraduate education. Mrs. Ndichu also went to the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology in Malaysia to pursue a degree in Mass Communication. She later did an MBA in Global Business Management at the Swiss Management Academy in Nairobi.

Janet Mbugua


The long career journey began when Mrs. Ndichu was 19 years old in 2004. She started in Radio when she was hired by Kenya’s Capital FM in Nairobi. By 2009, she had risen as a journalist and had the privilege of being head-hunted by ETV in Johannesburg in South Africa. She was a news anchor, reporter, and producer of Pan-African current affairs show Africa 360.

Later on, she joined Citizen TV Kenya where she became the host of Monday Special and The Big Question. When news broke with the headline “Janet leaves Citizen TV” many fans were curious to know what would be on her plate next. The broadcasting career has been rewarding and has notable highlights such as covering the 2013 memorial service for South Africa’s freedom fighter and former president Nelson Mandela.

She also covered the 2007 and 2013 General Elections in Kenya. She also had the opportunity to cover the 2012 presidential elections in the USA and the 2010 world cup in South Africa. Janet has also tried acting and starred in 2014’s Rush. She was the lead cast in the sitcom playing the role of Pendo Adama, the owner, and editor-in-chief of a magazine. Apart from that, Mrs. Ndichu has also worked as a runway model in South Africa and Malaysia.

Away from journalism Janet Mbugua is the founder and director of Media Avenue Limited. The company offers services such as public speaking, moderating and emceeing. She has also partnered with the Kenya Red cross in Inua Dada Campaign to empower young girls and is endorsed by the first lady Margaret Kenyatta.

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Even though Janet Mbugua is famous, it is surprising to know that there is scanty information regarding her family. Her father and mother are both alive, but their names are not known to the public. Apart from her twin brother, her other siblings have also been able to avoid the public eye.

Janet has an older sibling who is confused as her twin sister because of their striking resemblance. Her parents celebrated their 40th marriage anniversary in 2017, but they still look young, lively and very much in love.

Janet Mbugua’s husband

Before their marriage, Janet Mbugua and Edward Ndichu had been dating for a long time. Janet had lived a party life during her younger ages and broke the hearts of two guys, but she has no regrets over that. As her career kicked off, she had to settle down and give up things such as clubbing. That was before Edward came along and the two found companions in each other.

Edward Ndichu and Janet Mbugua went to the same high school in Mombasa. Edward used to make advances and even crushed Janet’s 16th birthday, but she did not cave in. They reconnected years later and got into a serious relationship. Janet Mbugua’s wedding took place in 2015, and it was grand, which is why memories are fresh in the minds of fans.

Janet Mbugua Children

Janet Mbugua and Edward Ndichu have a son named Ethan Huru Ndichu. Ethan is barely five years old, having been born in October 2015. Ethan was born through a cesarean section, and the loving Janet Mbugua’s husband was present during the operation. The two have striven not to give the child too much public limelight, and so nothing much can be found about the child online.

They also have a second son named Mali Mwaura. Mali is about one year old and was born in on 17th September 2018. Fans had to wait for at least eight months before they could see the face of Janet Mbugua’s child just as was the case with the first one.

Janet Mbugua’s salary

It is no secret that Mrs. Ndichu was one of the highest-paid media personalities in the country. It was always rumored that her starting salary at Royal Media Services was KSh 800,000, but she refuted the claim. According to her, if she was earning that much money she would be driving a Lamborghini.

Janet Mbugua quick facts

  1. Janet began broadcasting at Pulse FM in Mombasa before making the switch to Nairobi’s Capital FM.
  2. She is not only the founder but also the trustee for the Inua Dada Foundation, which has become a global community that aims to protect the rights of young girls and is endorsed by the first lady Margaret Kenyatta.
  3. She is married to Edward Ndichu, and they have two sons.
  4. She is a gym enthusiast which is how she maintains her body fit and healthy.
  5. She was the lead actor in Rush with the character name Pendo.

Below are Things To Know About Janet Mbugua

1. She did not aspire to join the Media when growing up, at all!

Janet Mbugua says that she grew up as a Tom Boy, climbing trees, not combing her hair and fighting with her brothers and being a TV girl was the last thing she could have imagined ever being!

She wanted to be a psychiatrist, on the contrary.

2. Her high school teacher urged her to join the Media Industry

While in High School at Brooke House, one of the teachers asked her if she had ever thought of joining the media. She thought about it and decided to give it a try.

She, however, admits that she was a wild young girl in school. She wanted to drop out of high school to look for a job.

Her parents decided to rush her to USIU where she didn’t do much of school work but resorted to drinking and partying.

After a while, she went to Mombasa.

3. She started working at the age of 19…

One might wonder if it is even legal to work at the age of 19 in Kenya, but Janet Mbugua set foot into the job market at 19 years.

Her first job was at Pulse FM in Mombasa, where she was raised. Afterward, she landed a job at Capital F.M. She then thought about her education.

4. Studying in South Africa…

At Capital F.M, Janet Mbugua rethought her Education and went to South Africa to study.

She took a bridging course but unfortunately got distracted. She started modelling because the money was attractive.

Afterward, she moved to Malaysia to try out the Education there and ended up modeling again for two years.

But she was able to complete her education in the process.

5.  Joining Media in Malaysia…

The exposure Janet got from her modeling shows opened up opportunities for her to join the media.

6. Coming back to Kenya.

Janet Mbugua came back and wanted to go back to Capital F.M but she heard about an opportunity at KTN.
She interviewed and got the job!

She was hosting a show called ‘Out and About’ then,  and her passion for media accelerated from that time onwards.

7. Other works besides Media.

She is the founder and director of Media Avenue Limited, where persons are provided with services such as public speaking, moderating and Emceeing.

She has also the founder of the Inua Dada campaign and empowerment campaign for young girls, which is endorsed by Kenya’s first lady, Margaret Kenyatta.

Janet Mbugua

Janet Mbugua

Janet Instagram Profilehttps://www.instagram.com/officialjanetmbugua/

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