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List of The Best Luo Songs of 2019 in Kenya

by Louis
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Best Luo Songs

Writing this article on 21st December 2019 as we wrap up what an incredible year it has been. As we all know, the year cannot end without me listing the best Luo songs that were released in this same year.

Christmas is waving at me around the corner and to whoever it may concern, the DJs, club owners, etc, Christmas won’t be a Christmas without you guys playing these hot Luo songs of 2019.

Find below a well-researched list of the best Luo songs of 2019.

List of The Best Luo Songs of 2019

Kwach Ogolo Koke – Prince Indah

Nyar Joluo – Prince Indah

Chike Hera – Prince Indah

Nyar Migori – Prince Indah

Sina Shida – Musa Jakadala

Ine jaherana – Freddy Jakadongo

Amilo Nyaseme – Abenny Jachiga

Hera Tek Tweta – Javan Mac Ajudo

Hera Okelo – Javan Mac Ajudo

Mana Buta Ka – Wuod Fibi

Oriti – Wuod Fibi

Hera Chumbi – Wuod Fibi

Wuotho Gi Yesu – Wuod Fibi

Yesu Iberna – Musa Jakadalla, Wuod Fibi, Kevoh mac awilly, Achieng Nyarongo

Koso ni Ringa ka Pesa Orumo – Elisha Mtoto wa Shule

Adhis Nyayala – Elisha Toto

Nya Boda – Elisha Toto

Toti Aluongi Mama – Elisha Toto

Ruoth Okello – Stevo Janam

Hera Ura – Elvis Mcafibi, Stevo Janam

Achieng Painkiller 2 – Atommy Sifa

Pole Baba – Atommy Sifa

Nelly my love – Atommy Sifa

Achieng Nyar Ahero – Atommy Sifa

Zaina – Odosh Jasuba

Pacha Lal – Abenny Jachiga

Acknowledge – King Kaka ft Japesa,

Jaluo Oksechi – Japesa

Too much ice – Japesa

Yesu Kingi – Nicholas Otieno wuod kingi

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