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Metaloan Loan App Registration, How To Apply Loan, Repay, Interest rate, Contacts

by Louis
Metaloan Loan

The Metaloan app is offered by Metaloan developers and is unrestricted to all Kenyans via the Playstore. It has precisely 100K+ downloads with more than 12K+ reviews and 4.0/5 star reviews.

Metaloan App Download And Registration

Download and install the Metaloan app from the Playstore

Read and agree to the app’s privacy policy by clicking on the ‘Agree’ button

Afterward, click on ‘Apply Now’, enter your mobile number and tap on ‘Acquire’ in order to receive your 6-digit verification code via SMS from the sender ‘ZILLIONSLTD’

Input the code into its respective field, enter a 4-digit password, read & agree to the registration agreement then proceed to click on ‘Get my loan’

Grant the app access to your device’s location as well as your calendar.

Proceed and click on ‘Loan Now’ to begin the registration process by submitting your details such as;

Personal info: ID number, first & last name, date of birth, gender, county, city, detailed address, email address, and an alternative phone number.

Income info: Type of work such as ( full/part-timer, freelancer, unemployed, civil servant, student, self-employed, etc), monthly income, payday, company name, phone, and position.

Three emergency contacts detailing relationship status and phone numbers.

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How To Apply For Metaloan

Once all the fields are accurately filled, click on ‘Loan Now’ to access the loan application page whereby the loan amount, term, and fee are displayed.

Proceed and click on ‘Submit Now’ to be directed to the order confirmation page whereby confirmation of the loan details such as loan amount, term, received amount, estimated due date and the repayment amount is required.

Once you consent to the details as well as the loan agreement, check the box and click on ‘Submit’ to finalize the loan application process.

Metaloan amount, Interest Rate and Repayment Duration

Metaloan amounts begin from as little as Ksh1,000 at a 25% interest rate to be repaid after 7 days.

However, the interest rate is deducted before disbursement thus applicants receive less amount than what is applied for.

How To Repay Metaloan

Repayment can be made via the Metaloan app as well as through Mpesa Paybill 4023507 and using the phone number as the account number.

How To Contact Metaloan Customer Support

Email: help@metaloan.co.ke

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