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mKey Loan App, registration, apply loan, repay loan, interests

by Louis
mKey Loan app


mKey Loan app is an improvement by Fineserve Kenya. Fineserve, which is a backup gathering of the Equity Group created Mkey in the point of consolidating person to person communication, money, and way of life abilities.

With the Mkey app, one doesn’t just get a console for their cell phone. this app has highlights that make it totally one of a kind from some other loan applications accessible in Kenya. Mkey permits exchanges through various banks and versatile systems.

In this article, I have clarified the various highlights that make mKey remarkable from different applications.

Highlights of Mkey Loan app

mKey is special in all measurements going from Loan capabilities, as far as possible just as techniques for reimbursing the loans. The following are the attributes that add to this app being one of a kind.

Estimation of loans one can get to

From the Mkey app, you can get to a base loan of Ksh.300 and a limit of Ksh.1,000,000. This makes mKey the main internet loaning stage in Africa fit for giving such measures of cash.

In contrast to other web-based loaning stages, mKey isn’t restricted by Telecom’s cash move administrations, for example, Mpesa which just permits a limit of Ksh.70,000.

Loan costs

Mkey charges interests of between 1% to 9%. This makes it the most reduced loan cost in Kenya since different apps, for example, Tala charge over 11%

The loan costs charged on borrowers by mKey rely upon past credit records. The individuals who have great CRB reports can pay as low as 1% interest. On the off chance that you have a negative credit report in the CRB, you will settle up to 9% enthusiasm on the loan.

mKey gives space for those with negative CRB reports getting to money related help without essentially being cleared by the CRB. FinServe has built up its own FICO assessment to help those recorded in the CRB utilize their credit report emphatically to get loans.

Who meets all requirements for Mkey Loans

Much the same as some other portable loan apps, you need to download the app to get to the loan. when you download the app and make your record, you should begin executing with the mKey app so as to fabricate your profile.

To download the app, simply go to google play store and type “mKey” in the pursuit box. Once the app is discovered, click the introduce button.

The main individual data required is your name, Id number or visa number and your cell phone number.

Instructions to fabricate your profile

When you have enrolled, your credit profile is worked from when you start utilizing your record. this is in opposition to other portable apps that utilize internet based life and Mpesa subtleties to break down reliability.

Numerous individuals who just utilize internet based life for keeping an eye on news refreshes have been denied loans by these applications since they don’t have a lot of insights concerning the individual’s capacity to reimburse the loan.

You can fabricate your profile quick by consistently leading gigantic exchanges since the app permits exchanges of up to Ksh. 999,999.

It’s anything but a loan from Equity

Despite the fact that Fineserve is identified with Equity bank, this doesn’t imply that loans given on mKey are from Equity Bank. The two foundations are under the Equity Group yet are overseen freely. This implies the measure of cash one gets as a loan isn’t controlled by Equity Bank.

This suggests you can at present acquire a loan from mKey when overhauling another loan from Equity Bank.

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How to apply for mKey Loan

To get a loan from the app, you need to follow the procedure below.

  1. Download the app – To download the app, go to google play store, search for the app and install on your device.
  1. Create an account – Once you have installed the app, you need to register as a new user. A Facebook account or a Google account will be required during the registration process.
  2. Enter the required personal information as instructed by the app. The information includes your name, phone number as well as ID or passport number.
  3. Finally confirm your email address and the account will be active.
  4. Apply for the loan

After submitting the required details and activation of the account, the app will display the amount you are allowed to borrow. This is determined by transaction records as well as CRB credit reports.

The loan borrowed will attract an interest of between 1% to 9% depending on your credit score.

How to Repay mKey loans via Mpesa

The following is a procedure of repaying your mKey loan by Mpesa.

  • Go to Mpesa menu
  • Select lipa na Mpesa
  • Select PayBill
  • Enter 778588 as PayBill number
  • Enter mKey mobile number as the account number
  • Key in the Amount Due
  • Enter the Mpesa pin and press okay to authorize the transaction.

Presently you realize what mKey loan app is about. You can settle on educated choices on whether to take a loan, spare or take care of a tab utilizing this app. This app gives tremendous measures of cash as loans and hence you ought to be mindful to obtain what you can bear to take care of.

While reimbursing the loan, there are different techniques, for example, through the Equity Bank operator, the Eazzy Banking app just as Equitel.

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