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Parents, What happens when we disobey,disrespect parents

by Louis

Parents play a very vital role in our lives. We ought to obey whatever they tell us, hear their pieces of advice, listen to their warnings, and finally respect them. In the world we are living in today, things have changed; children have become very disobedient and disrespectful to their parents. Children boast around that they are in a digital world, and they refer to the world of obeying and respecting parents as an analog one, and it is long gone. It is noticeable that in the world today, most people do not live long. It is because they do not honor the fifth commandment given by God to Moses. In the fifth commandment in Exodus 20:12, God wants us to respect and obey our parents so that we may live long in this world.

This article talks about the benefits of respecting parents. It also includes some of the reasons why an individual should not disobey and disrespect his/her parents. There is also a life story of a person who disobeyed and disrespected his parent. And how his life changed after that (what happened to life as a result of disrespect to his parent).


Respecting parents and obeying them can bring about good things in our lives and they are plenty. Some of the benefits of respecting and obeying parents include the following:

We live long in this world

It is a dream of every person in this world to live long. Those in love want to grow old together, and growing old is the same as living long. Other people dream of having children, watch their children grow up to become successful people in society and most importantly give birth to grandchildren. Those pictures that come into my mind showing me how my grandchildren will be running around me and call me Papa. That feeling is amiable, and the image is beautiful. I comprehend I am not the only one in this world who has a dream of one day seeing my grandchildren.

Living long in this world can be achieved when people respect and obey their parents. In the bible, the book of exodus 20: 12, God himself promises us a longer life if we respect and obey our parents. So if we want to live long in this world and see all our dreams come to reality, we must respect and obey our parents. Abraham lived for over 750 years because he was respectful and obedient to God, his creator.

We receive Parents blessings and prayers and love

Parents fall in love with children who are obedient and respectful to them. Parents will love you unconditionally, they will bless you, and it is the parent’s blessings that make people live good lives. When you respect and obey your parent, they will pray for you. They will ask God to protect you from evil hands, and when you fall sick, they will pray to God to heal you. I noticed that whenever I went to do my exams, my parents would pray for me. Most of the times when the results came out, I performed better and better in every exam.

We get maximum parental support

Parents can support their children in many different ways. The first one is through education. If children are respectful and obedient to their parents, the parents will ensure that their children become educated in the best schools available. The parents will sacrifice their luxuries to ensure that they use the capital and salaries to pay for their children’s school fees. Some parents are not able to pay for their children’s education. But if those children are respectful and obedient, the parents will try their best and employ any means possible to raise money for children’s education. As we all know, education is the key to success. While in school, parents will ensure that their children have all the necessary materials for learning like books. Parents will buy all kinds of revision books for their children.

Another way is if you want to start a business but lack enough funds that can get the trade running. You can always seek support from your parents and if you are usually very respectful and obedient to them. They will willingly support you by adding you the capital you requested. Even if they do not have the support you seek from them, they will ask for assistance from someone else on your behalf. It is commonly tough to find a parent who supports a child who is very disrespectful and disobedient.


The first reason is that it has been condemned in the bible. In the bible, the fifth commandment asks people to respect and obey their parents. If an individual decides not to respect and follow his/her parents, then he/she will break God’s fifth commandment. It will be regarded as a sin. The punishment for this sin will be reduced life in this world. The individual will not live long enough in this world as he/she had expected.

The second reason is that when an individual is disrespectful and disobedient to the parents, the parents may choose to disown him/her. There is nothing that hurts than when your parents disown you. It means that an individual will have to pack the belongings and move out of the parents’ home. Where the individual will go next is his/ her problem, the parents won’t care.

The third reason is to avoid being cursed by the parents. When you disrespect and disobey your parents too much, the parents may be forced to denounce you. There is no loud curse like a parent’s curse to a child. The life of the child will never be the same again. Life will be miserable to them, and all sorts of bad things will follow them wherever they go.

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This story is of a certain young man by the name Teddy, a Kenyan by nationality. The youthful man is said to have been raised a very respectful boy. When he joined a boarding high school, his behaviors changed abruptly and became a nonconformist. He would sneak out of at night; go to the neighboring town to attend Discos. There were reports that other times he would go out and steal bananas from people’s farms at night. Later on, he was caught sneaking out of school and was suspended from school.

At home, his parents advised him to stop misbehaving in school and focus on his education. His parents were forced to buy a roll of barbed wire for the school’s fence as a punishment. Even after being forgiven and allowed back to school, he never stopped misbehaving, he chose to disobey his parents advises and warnings.

His misbehaving increased in intensity; he would grab other students’ food and leave them with nothing to eat. Students began complaining, and the school’s principal investigated the matter, and that is how he was expelled from his first secondary school. He would be later expelled from three other schools. He never performed well in his final secondary school examination and was forced to stay at home as his parents thought of how to help him. He demanded that he wanted to join a driving school, his father was against that idea, but Teddy threatened and silenced his father to accept.

Teddy went to driving school to learn driving, but the information was later passed to his parents that he never attended any driving classes. He spent all the money he received from parents on unnecessary things and clubbing. He never completed his driving course. Teddy ran away to Kitale a particular town in Kenya and was lucky enough to be employed in a seeds company.

He was focused on his new job at the company, and he received the right amount of money as salary at the end of the month. He married a gorgeous girl who bore two beautiful daughters for him. There is a saying, the bad things we do will haunt us. Teddy lost his job at the seeds company and later got employed as a security guard by a security company named Bedrock. He was offered a job promotion to a supervising position in the security company only if he had driving skills. Because he never attended driving classes back when his parents took him to a driving school, the promotion was awarded someone else.

Teddy was so depressed that he began taking alcohol. His excessive alcohol consumption made his wife leave him and go back to her parent’s home. Teddy did not bother to go after his wife, and she is now happily married to another man. Teddy again lost his job as a security guard. He had to go back to his father who he asked to find him a job. When his father reminded him of how he had advised him to stop misconduct in school, focus on his education but never listened. Teddy got angry and fought with his father. The worst mistake of his life.

It was on that day when his father disowned him. Teddy went away and searched for available jobs but never succeeded in getting any decent job. His health has recently deteriorated due to his excessive consumption of alcohol. There is a time that he almost lost his life due to bad health. His neighbors came to his rescue and took him to the hospital. He needed money to pay for his hospital bill, and when he called his father asking for support, his father just laughed and hung up the phone. His neighbors raised money and paid for his hospital bill.

It was revealed that Teddy was diagnosed to have Tuberculosis, and we know Tuberculosis is an opportunistic disease for AIDS. Teddy is currently living with AIDS, but he has not been solemn in taking the antiretroviral drugs, and he also still drinks alcohol at a high rate. I can conclude that Teddy won’t live long in this world. He disrespected and disobeyed his parents, and so the world is cruelly punishing him.


Parents suffer a lot to raise their children, and as children, we have to obey them and show them respect. They deserve obedience and respect from their children. If the children choose to be disrespectful and disobedient to their parents, then the world will be so cruel to them that they will not have happiness. Life will be full of regrets and will be shorter than expected. So if we want to exist a happy and long life, we must obey and respect our parents and God will bless us abundantly.

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