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Prince Indah Biography, Age, Career, Family, Real Name, Daughter, Wife, Songs

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Prince Indah Biography


Evans Ochieng Owino, popularly known by his stage name as Prince Indah, is a Kenyan, Luo- Ohangla singer who has the charisma and the wit to lul his supporters.

His voice, which sounded more like a princess or a cinderella, makes him more loved. Prince Indah is at the peak of his music career after realizing most of his best hits that one could hear playing in all the radio stations, bars, and even cars.

Among his best latest tracks is “Kwach Ogolo Koke’ which was released 2020 in October. The song title, “Kwach Ogolo Koke,” translates to ‘Leopard has shown its claws,’ and of course, only a fierce leopard does that.

In the song, Indah talks about how love can sometimes be, making one or both parties suffer. He says how his love disappears without nobody’s knowledge, and when they ask about her, he has nothing to say about the same.

He further makes it interesting by saying that he had a dream. In his dream, he visited his love to sort out their issues. She invited her elders, and they both sat down.

The drama doesn’t end there, as Indah insists that he asks for forgiveness from his love if he is too in the wrong and then promises to re-marry her. Again he continues by saying that if by any chance he won’t pay the bride price, then he has very able friends who will help him out.


Prince Indah, whose real name is Evans Ochieng Owino, was born on August 9th, 1994, at Muramba Village in Siaya county. He was born third in the family hierarchy of five children.

He was cared for by his father, known as Meshack Owino, who is now late, and his mother, Caroline Achieng’, in their then residence at Huruma Flats in Nairobi, where he grew up.

Indah started his Education at Daima Primary School in Huruma up to class 3 in 2003 when his father died. After that, he later transferred to Oloma Murumba Primary School, where he sat for his KCPE in 2008.

Being a bright student, his determination, efforts, and hard work were seen on his KCPE exam results when he managed to gunner 360marks. Having got exemplary results just like pupils of his age, come 2009, he joined Missions Of Hope High School in Machakos County.

Prince Indah was forced to drop out of school at form three, back then in 2013 when his mother, who was his sole breadwinner, died, leaving him together with his siblings a total orphan.

After his mother’s death and having no one else to provide for him and his siblings, Indah decided to do petty jobs such as ‘Mjengo’ for him to survive. He had to do this for quite some time for him to service in the vast city.

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Prince Indah Biography

Prince Indah Performing


Indah developed a love for music from an early age and majorly how to perform and play it. At that time, Prince Indah tended to attend live performances after work and sit close to the stage to watch how the instrument’s art is displayed.

The magic in instrument science captured him so much. He would mostly visit where Ohangla was playing live around Huruma to relax and enjoy the music. Every weekend, Prince Indah could sit next to the performing stage to study the performance.

The exchange of hands with sticks across and over the drums thrilled and impressed him most, and he tried his level best to learn it more so after the performance. He could nod his head and demonstrate jovially just as the artists performed their crafts. He indeed fell in love with the art of music and live performance.

His obsession with the item, so his dream come true as he was given a chance to join one of the great Ohangla bands where he was mentored to become who he is today.

The best songs of Emma Jalamo ( his UNCLE) with the voice he always loves to adopt, the new band crew inspired him most when he attended their shows in Huruma. Indah could go on stage, pick up the shakers and shake, sit by the drum sets, and play them to show his interest in music and join the R.O.R. team.

Like a dream due to the seriousness that he showed, he was chanced to be given a slot to enter Ramogi Ohangla Rhumba (R. O. R) led by Emma Jalamo mainly because of his cooperation active and quick whenever he was called upon.

 At R. O. R, he was always keen, watching and mustering how Emma Jalamo performs; he developed the ability to lip-sink him and sing just how Opija does.

This mastery gave him the morale of singing, doing what he loved doing most. His dream was to be a Musician, not a shaker or a drum, and luck came his way. Then fortune shined on him when he was promoted to be the curtain-raiser and the backup singer to Emma Jalamo.

At his new post, he was determined to compose a powerful combination of songs during his stage performance. He later kept some of his composed songs for himself, which he later recorded.

Come 2014 September; he recorded his first album, ‘Cinderella,’ containing six lovely tracks featuring Nyakisumo pr 1, Adeka Engineer.

While working under Ohangla legend Emma Jalamo, Prince Indah saw him as the king because of his experience and the large following he had for himself.

Indah was like a son to Emma, so Emma, being the king of Ohangla and his son being his son, had to call himself the king’s son. Hence he adopted the name Prince(son of a king, who is Emma Jalamo), then added to his local name ‘Indah,’ then he came up with his full stage name, Prince Indah.

Come 2016, on the tenth month, Prince Indah recorded his 2nd album ‘Tenda Wema, and launched it on 23rd December, the same year. He had to cut ties with R.O.R. Band, so he had to start on his own, starting after launching this album.

After that, he then started his Band and named it MALAIKA OHANGLA RHUMBA BAND. The Band now has 20 members and two managers.


Prince Indah is married to a beautiful Luo damsel from south Nyanza Migori county since 2015; God has blessed them with a daughter, Camarra.

Prince Indah's Daughter

Prince Indah’s Daughter


Indah has produced many captivating and love-oriented tracks, known as “Kitabu Mar Hera, ” all in his third album ( THE BOOK OF LOVE). In this album, he has numerous songs talking about love.

The best songs ever you can dedicate to the love of your life. The themes include; Nyar Jaluo, Nyar Migori, Mashabiki, among others.

After this album, Indah dropped a single hot hit, “Mama Watoto,” which his fans loved.

On the 20th of April 2021, Prince Indah dropped a new single titled. “Kido Mar Hera,” which only translates to Nature of love, where he talks about how he has been in search of true love and finally she has found the right woman.

Indah visits the bible and says even Jesus, during his Ascension to heaven, left humankind with love and peace to guide them. He doesn’t end there as he says that Money doesn’t like noise, so she should give him peace of mind. The lyrics of this release are the best, and the beats are top-notch.

Prince Indah Real Age

Born in August 1994, Prince Indah is now 26 years old, still young, and on the verge of his music career.

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