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Samidoh Biography, Music Career, Police, Life Story

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Soft-spoken, mellow-voiced and blessed with a face that can officially be declared as handsome, Samidoh, born Samuel Muchoki Ndirangu, has risen from the trenches to become the most formidable Kikuyu superstar of our age; Breaking barriers, commanding masses, garnering millions of YouTube views and performing in countless Clubs weekend after weekend.

Better known as Samidoh is a Kikuyu musician, who has mastered the art of juggling his gun and guitar. During the day, the officer performs his duties to the nation, and by night, he fulfills his other obligations to his fans.

Samidoh Real Name

Samuel Muchoki Ndirangu

Samidoh Education

Samidoh is a well-educated gentleman as he completed his secondary education and joined the Kenya Polytechnic, where he studied a diploma in Business and Information Technology.

At some point in life, he dropped out of school in class seven and looked for a herding job, but a good Samaritan helped him go back to school. “The foundation my mother raised me up with was great, and it has made me who I am right now because she was very strict,” Samidoh said.



Samidoh Family Life

Samidoh was born and brought up in a tremulous family in Subukia and Nyandarua and, while still a child, lost his father.

Faced with insurmountable hardships, his mother and five brothers would soon after be kicked away from their Subukia home by his father’s brothers, after which they settled in Nyandarua County to start a life that can be described as tumultuous at best.

A few months after joining Form One, the singing sensation lost his Mother. And life took a nosedive that saw him sink deeper and deeper into despair and despondency.

Still, he soldiered on like the real-life Solider he would actually become in real life, clawing his way through his school and eventually, doing his Final Papers.


Barely 30, Samidoh is married, and just at the start of the marathon of his life, Samidoh has quickly become a legend that has left many awe-struck and profoundly impressed.

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Samidoh Police Career

The AP officer joined the service in 2013 and went through 15 months of training, graduating in 2014. His first operation was at Eastleigh, Nairobi, after which he was posted to Mpeketoni in Lamu, County.

After serving in the Coast region, he was transferred to Dadaab in Garissa County. Samidoh was recently transferred to Athi River in Machakos County, where he’s based to-date.

Despite his newfound success in music, he is loyal to the force and doesn’t plan on trading his gun anytime soon.

“I cannot leave a job I looked for naked. Have you ever gone to a police recruitment exercise and seen people without shirts being taken through various activities?

“Leaving a job you searched for under those circumstances is very painful,” the musician told radio presenter, Jeff Kuria, during a past interview.


Samidoh in Daadab

Music Journey

After Form Four, Samidoh would leave the village for Nairobi, where he joined his elder brother, a drummer in Kamande wa Kioi’s music band, and settled as one of the band members for the legendary Kikuyu artist.

And while still playing with Kamande’s band, traveling from Nightclub to Nightclub to entertain revelers, the self-effacing singer joined Kenya Polytechnic to pursue a diploma in Business and Information Technology.

But life had other plans.

After clearing College, Samidoh would soon find himself tarmacking and also lost his stint with Kamande wa Kioi. He then decided to go back to the village where he found a job working in a Flower Farm. But the music bug still remained. And a bit harder than ever.

And as fate would have it, Samidoh soon joined the Kenya Administration Police, got posted to Daadab, and it’s from there that he launched his music career that has now blown up like a supernova.

His first song was the hugely-popular Ndiri na Mutwe Mwega, which, as we speak, has amassed a mind-boggling 2 Million views on YouTube, a rare feat for a Kikuyu Benga singer and an exclusive Club inhabited by the likes of Willy Paul, Sauti Sol, and Nyashisnki.

Since he launched his music career, Samidoh’s fame has spread like an Australian Forest Fire… As his fortunes have grown bigger and bigger.

The artist who is barely 30 has continued to release other popular songs like Niwe Ndarathimiirwo, ‘Kairitu Gakwa,’ ‘Tuhii Twitu,’ ‘Ihoya Ria Samidoh’ among others and his musical star continues to shine even brighter.

His latest release ‘Murata wa Ngai’ has already pulled in an impressive 960K plus views on Youtube just two months after the song hit the airwaves.

The song, which is already enjoying massive airplay on Kikuyu media promises to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest release of 2019.

Speaking about sharing a stage with Tanzanian star Diamond Platnumz, he terms the experience as life-changing because it is after that his name became famous.


Samidoh Performing

Samidoh: Why I married the woman who cheated on me

Two years ago, Samidoh released ‘Ndirĩ Mũtwe,’ a song where he speaks about being in a toxic love situation.

In the song, he wonders if he is okay mentally because there is no way someone in their right mind would withstand all that he went through.

In an exclusive interview with Pulse Live, Samidoh disclosed that the song is based on a real situation in his life.

“I was trying to run away from that relationship but siezi. That’s why I said siezi compete na wewe na siezi kukuwacha so naona ni kama kichwa yangu haikuwa sawa. Najaribu kukuondekea lakini siwezi,” he explained.

Samidoh went on to reveal that he went on to marry the woman who cheated on him and inspired the hit single ‘Ndirĩ Mũtwe.’

The singer told Pulse Live that he married her because he loved her, and he knew that she was the one he could build a home with despite their struggles.

 “I married my first, my love. Tulisumbuana lakini tukaona hakuna haja ya kutafuta so nikarudi,” Samidoh said before adding “I forgave her, I told her nĩ tũthiĩ twake mucĩĩ witũ (Let’s build our home).”

Samidoh in Hospital

He escaped unhurt after he was involved in an accident on Sunday, 8 September 2019. The musician took to social media and posted a photo of his car with a dent. “It’s hard to understand how somethings happen. Thank you, God, you saved my kids and me.”

According to media personality Jeff Kuria, the singer did not have significant injuries, although he went to Avenue Greenspan Hospital for a check-up. The accident came weeks after Kikuyu benga musician John DeMathew died in a crash at Blue Post on August 18, 2019. DeMathew was pronounced dead on arrival at Thika Nursing Home. According to Thika Base Commander Elenah Wamuyu, Demathew’s car rammed into a lorry near Blue Post Hotel. He was alone in the car.

Samidoh Songs

  1. Murata Wa Ngai
  2. Wendo Wi Cama ft Joyce Wamama
  3. Kairitu Gakwa
  4. Wendo Na Urimu
  5. Niwathire Naihenya
  6. Niwe Ndarathimiirwo
  7. Ihoya Ria Samidoh
  8. Vijana Tutokelezee ft Katempa
  9. Ndiri Mutwe
  10. Riari Itheru
  11. Tuhii Twitu
  12. Wendo Maguta

Facts about Samidoh

  1. He is an AP Officer during the day and a musician during the night
  2. He went for Police recruitment while naked
  3. He is married
  4. He has five Brothers
  5. He has a Diploma in Business and Information Technology
  6. He almost dropped out of school while in class seven
  7. He was born and brought up in a poor family at Subukia and Nyandarua
  8.  They were chased away from their Subukia home by his father’s brothers after his father’s death
  9. He has shared a stage with Diamond Platnumz
  10. His Father and Mother are both dead

Samidoh Contacts

  1. Facebook: Samidoh Official
  2. Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP_sNQi5Y9ly0hW8arpPg_Q
  3. Twitter: https://twitter.com/SamSamido
  4. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/samidoh_muchoki/

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