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Shix Kapienga Biography, Age, Career, Husband, Facts, Fiance

by Louis
Shix Kapienga


Shix Kapienga the entertainer, comic, and radio moderator is multi-skilled, without a doubt. She overflows certainty and you would see an adjustment in the mindset of the room on the off chance that she happens to stroll into a room you are in. In addition to the fact that she is magnetic genuine as she grasps her experience, in contrast to a great many people. Shix Kapyenga is only an interesting figure. She has been on the wireless transmissions for quite a while since her days at Beba where she went about as Tasha. What do you think about Shiks Kapienga? How old right? Who is Shiks Kapienga’s spouse? Peruse on to find out everything to think about Shiks Kapienga.

Early Life

The genuine name of Shix Kapienga is Nancy Wanjiku Karanja. Nancy was conceived in a group of four. She has two sisters and one sibling. She is the third conceived. She was brought up in Kangemi.

She was given the name Shix Kapienga by Radio moderator Mbusi. Shix originates from her name Wanjiku. Shix is the short type of that name. Kapyenga, then again, is a sheng word that implies little. She has a little physical make-up thus the explanation behind this. Even though Shix is known for her boyish girl nature, she says she cherishes girlie things like heels for starters.


Born: 27th April the year 1987. She was born in Kangemi which is located in Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi.

Shix Kapienga School Life

Shix Kapyenga concentrated in a wide range of schools from elementary school right to university. Shix Kapienga first started her grade school training at Westlands Primary school. She later moved to a school in Nakuru called Good Samaritan Primary School. You would think that was every last bit of it. In the wake of transferring to Good Samaritan Primary School, she returned to Westlands Primary School where she did her KCPE. (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education).

After elementary school, She joined Mirithu Girls’ High School. She later moved to Kangaru Girls’ High School where she finished her auxiliary training. Concerning sports, Shix Kapienga was completely adjusted. She played football, badminton, games, table tennis, netball, ball, and volleyball. From all the games recently referenced, she adored volleyball most. I know the greater part of you are wondering how she could figure out how to play volleyball and how she is short. This will come as a stunner as she was in reality acceptable at it. Her fantasy before discovering she could act was to join Malkia Strikers. Malkia Strikers is the Kenya Women’s Volleyball crew. Her stature just permitted her to play as a setter and a striker. She was unable to play as the center blocker. She cherishes volleyball right up ’til today. Even though she doesn’t play a ton these days, she attempts to play for entertainment only when she gets the time. While still in secondary school she was delegated Miss fame.

She as of late did her university at Daystar University. She sought an art degree in communications. This would be of help to her considering her professional way.

Shix Kapyenga Occupation and Career

The greater part of the individuals who know Shix Kapienga know her from her acting. She has had the option to be in a few motion pictures. She went about as Tasha in Beba. Her advertised character was put across in the TV show and it didn’t disappoint. She was one of the main on-screen characters for that appear. Shix is additionally renowned for the job she played in Shuga. In Shuga, she assumed the job of Baby. This was Shuga season two. Baby, the character she played was assaulted by a more seasoned confided in relative. At the point when she was approached what made her tryout for Shuga she said it was because she had heard that Idris Elba was going to highlight in the TV appear. Idris Elba is one of her unsurpassed most loved on-screen characters. Idris Elba, notwithstanding, didn’t come and she said she was extremely disappointed by this. In an interview concerning the job she played in Shuga, she said that she was happy she acted that job. Even though it was awkward for a great many people including her folks, it is the thing that occurs, in actuality. Numerous young ladies experience such situations consistently and hush up about them.

She was likewise a component in Nairobi Half-Life. Here she played the job of Amina. Amina was a business sex laborer on the TV appear. Shix Kapienga has likewise assumed jobs in TV shows like Papa Shirandula.

Shix Kapienga as an entertainer is profoundly connected with Churchill’s live. She has shown up in Churchill live a few times. She is additionally a host for Hot 96. She has a Dropzone each Monday to Thursday from 7 PM to 10 PM. The show is normally a trio of knowledge, Sheng and hood life presented with satire and fun.

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Shix Kapienga family

Very little is thought about the guardians of Shix Kapienga. What we can be sure of is that the guardians were profoundly upset by the job she played in Shuga. They were upset to the point they didn’t finish watching the scenes she highlighted in. Shix is particularly upbeat they have never watched Nairobi Half-Life. She thinks they wouldn’t have the option to deal with the job she played. She says when they are prepared to watch they can look as she has no issue against that. Her three columns in life are God, loved ones which imply her family has truly upheld her to find a workable pace is at present.

Shix Kapienga spouse

From the much we think about the Shix Kapienga relationship, she is as yet single. This is regardless of photographs of her and a strange man surfaced online. The man was particularly glad and it appeared just as he had proposed to Shiks and she had said yes. The strange man is said to be VDJ Clyde the Director of an organization called Inferno Weddings Entertainment. We are uncertain about whether this is valid or not. We will simply need to stand by to perceive how things unwind themselves. Shix Kapienga’s connections are in every case calm and she doesn’t care for talking about them.

Shix Kapienga

Shix Kapienga youngsters

Shiks Kapienga doesn’t have any youngsters yet. She, notwithstanding, has extraordinary energy for kids. Her most prominent aspiration is to make a kids’ home for the impeded kids.

Shix Kapienga TV appears

Shix Kapienga has had the chance to assume a job in the following TV appears:

  1. Beba: She went about as Tasha. The niece of a Christian lady who consistently considered her to be exceptionally chicky.
  2. Shuga season 2: She went about as Baby. The baby was ambushed by a more established close family member.
  3. Nairobi Half-Life: She went about as Amina. Amina was a business sex specialist on the TV appears.
  4. She has likewise assumed minor jobs in shows like Papa Shirandula.

Shix Kapienga and MC Jessy

Mc Jessy is a comic from the famous parody appears, Churchill Live. They were bits of gossip going around that Shix Kapyenga and Mc Jesse were dating. Bits of gossip about them dating was activated when it was purportedly found that during her 30th birthday celebration, Mc Jesse took her to Dubai for seven days of fun.

At a show on Ebru TV, she shed light on the matter of her dating Mc Jesse. When posed that inquiry by Dj Pierra Makena, she stated, ‘don’t make me leave’. She proceeded to state that she wouldn’t like to share about her own life. She said that on the off chance that she goes to a spot and finds that story or is gotten some information about that story she just goes a long way from that place. She proceeded to state that individuals have been branding her names because of the issue and she says it OK. Everybody is qualified for their own opinion. What is important is that she is simply the person who knows. She at that point continued to state that she would not remark on the issue as it is private and was not prepared to share about her private life everywhere throughout the media.

She was blamed for being a homewrecker as it said that Mc Jesse and his significant other are getting a separation. Individuals are saying she is the reason for this separation. Shix proceeded to state that she is single.

I trust you have appreciated the perused and that the article had the option to feature the various angles about Shiks Kapienga. Remember to mention your opinion of her in the remarks segment.

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