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The Italian National Football Team’s remarkable undefeated run has come to an end

by Louis
Italian National Football

All good things must come to an end, as the adage goes. This is definitely the case with the Italian National Football Team’s outstanding record. The team went undefeated in its last 37 games, winning the Euro 2020 in the process. During that remarkable run, many individuals opted to become members of 1xBet Ghana and bet on this great squad.

This run came to an end recently in a match between Italy and Spain, when the Azzurri were defeated 2-1 by the Spaniards in Milan. Lorenzo Pellegrini scored for Italy, and Ferran Torres did the same for Spain, but twice.

It should be noted that a major event occurred during the first half of the match, which may easily be ascribed to have influenced what happened afterward. After receiving two yellow cards for two brutal challenges, Italian defender Leonardo Bonucci got a red card just before the conclusion of the first half. For more than half of the game, his team was down to ten players. Italy’s prospects of turning the game around were significantly harmed as a result of this. In any event, logging onto Ghana 1xBet to place a wager on Spain or Italy is a very lucrative activity that individuals from all over the globe may participate in.

Miami secures a Formula One Grand Prix

After retiring from football, former England captain David Beckham has been very involved in a variety of sports, events, and other business endeavors. For example, he was one of the founders of Inter Miami, a squad that currently participates in Major League Soccer. This company has signed a lot of outstanding players, therefore betting on it through the 1xBet apk from smartphones and tablets was something that many people wanted to do.

Beckham, on the other hand, is involved in a variety of activities. He also played a key role in bringing the Formula One Grand Prix to Miami for the first time. Of course, the majority of city dwellers are overjoyed by the news. It’s also worth remembering that the United States has been without a Grand Prix for a few years now. Some of the most notable Grand Prix which took place in the United States during recent years was celebrated in cities such as:

  • Austin;
  • and even Indianapolis!

The inaugural edition of the Formula One Miami Grand Prix is scheduled for the 2022 season. In terms of the current season, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are locked in a heated battle. Both of them are expected to fight till the last race of the 2021 season before deciding who will win the current Formula One season. Of course, this gives some great and thrilling chances to wager by using the Apk 1xBet from tablets and smartphones.

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