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Top 10 Largest Birds in the World

by Louis
largest birds in the world

Mammals like giraffes, elephants, and blue whales likely come to mind when considering the largest animals in the planet. At least in the UK, birds are typically small. In this area, birds like robins and sparrows are more common than objects that weigh many kilograms.

However, some bird species are unexpectedly huge, with the tallest being even larger than a person.

These species are not even close to the extinct elephant bird in size. When it was alive more than a thousand years ago in Madagascar, the species Vorombe titan may have weighed up to 800 kg.

10. Dwarf cassowary

The smallest of the three cassowary species, Casuarius bennetti, inhabits woods on hills and mountains that can reach a height of 3 kilometers. This bird, which is over a meter long, eats fruit, mushrooms, insects, and even small mammals.

Largest birds in the world

Maximum weight: 17.6kg

Distribution: New Guinea

9. Mute swan

Despite its name, the mute swan (Cygnus olor) is a noisy bird; nevertheless, it only occasionally utilizes its voice, which is quieter than that of other species. They are typically found in rivers, lagoons, and lowland freshwater marshes.

Mute swan

Maximum weight: 22.5kg

Distribution: Central and Northern Europe; Central and Eastern Asia

8. Lesser rhea

Darwin researched the species on his second Beagle expedition, earning the name “Darwin’s rhea” for the bird. Darwin struggled to find the bird, but he was eventually successful when fellow traveler and artist Conrad Martens shot and cooked one for dinner.

Largest birds in the world

Maximum weight: 25kg

Distribution: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru

7. Greater rhea

Rhea americana is an omnivore species that lives in grasslands. It enjoys eating grasshoppers, lizards, frogs, small birds, and some snakes in addition to plants.

Greater rhea

Maximum weight: Over 25kg

Distribution: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay

6. Emperor penguin

This famous species may weigh up to 46kg and grow to a height of 115cm. To get to a breeding colony, Aptenodytes forsteri will travel up to 120 kilometers through ice.

Largest birds in the world

Maximum weight: 46kg

Distribution: Antarctica

5. Emu

Three cassowaries and an emu make up the family Casuariidae’s four surviving members. Emus can grow to a height of 190 cm and weigh between 30 and 45 kg on average, with the largest reaching 55 kg.


Maximum weight: 55kg

Distribution: Australia

4. Northern cassowary

The Casuarius unappendiculatus is a flightless bird, just as other cassowary species. The male of this species nurtures the eggs for nine months after they are laid by the female.

Northern cassowary

Maximum weight: 58kg

Distribution: New Guinea

3. Southern cassowary

They can reach a length of 170 cm and are found in savannah woodland, swamp woods, and rainforests. The southern cassowary (Casuarius casuarius) is only slightly larger than its cousin, the northern cassowary.

Southern cassowary

Maximum weight: 58kg

Distribution: New Guinea and Queensland, Australia

2. Somali ostrich

Struthio molybdophanes, hitherto thought to be a subspecies of the common ostrich, was recognized as a distinct species in 2014.

largest birds in the world

Maximum weight: 105kg

Distribution: Horn of Africa

1. Common ostrich

Struthio camelus species males can grow to a massive 2.75 tall. These non-flying birds have amazing running ability and can sprint at 70 km/h (43 mph).

common ostrich

Maximum weight: 156kg

Distribution: Savannahs of Africa

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