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Top 1O Best Online Grocery Stores in Kenya

by Louis
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Online grocery stores in Kenya.

We experience a daily reality such that you can do the majority of the things at the dash of a screen. Online shopping is the in-thing as most of the individuals are so occupied to go out for shopping or numerous simply need to maintain a strategic distance from the pressure and bother of heading to get anything they desire.

We have composed a rundown of online grocery stores in Kenya that you should look at sometime in the not so distant future. See.

Top 1O Best Online Grocery Stores in Kenya

1. Daika Online Grocery Store

Number – 0734636396
Website – http://daika.co.ke

2. Haraqisha Online Grocery

Number – 0725963945
Website – www.haraqisha.com

3. Wagon Shopping

Number – 0713 888554
Website – http://www.wagonshopping.com

4. Shamba Fresh Online Grocery

Number – 0738 373088
Website – shambafresh.com

5. Verdura Groceries

Website – Verduragroceries.co.ke

6. Zucchini Greengrocers Limited

Number – 0702 464646
Website – https://zucchini.co.ke

7. City Park Market

Number – 0720970381
Website – www.cityparkmarket.co.ke

8. Afrobas Company

Number – 0722940922/ 0727377877
Website – www.afrobas.co.ke

9. Mboga Masters

Number – 0719629360
Website – www.mbogamasters.co.ke

10. Twiga Foods

Website – Twigafoods.com

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