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Top 8 Online Jobs that Pay Through Mpesa

by Louis
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Online jobs in Kenya are not a new drift anymore. Many growing firms in the country are now moving into encompassing this by letting their workers work from home. To enter in such, you only need a laptop, internet, personal time management, and of course, an active M-Pesa account for payouts. 

One of the major benefits of working online in Kenya is saving time on commuting from your house to the office every day. In major cities such as Nairobi, this can be a real concern as one might end up being stuck in traffic for over 2 hours. Again, you are not bound by 8-5 life, and you can choose when to work. Here is a list of the best online jobs in Kenya that pay through M-Pesa.

Top 8 Online Jobs that Pay Through Mpesa

The web brought a lot of opportunities and more and more Kenyans are reaping the fruits of exploiting these openings. It has been significantly contributed by the rise of freelancing sites. With membership in such websites, you can work online and get paid instantly or at specified intervals. Below are eight proven ways to make money online.

1. Blogging or article writing

Article writing should not be confused with academic research freelancing in Kenya as they are in two different fields. An article is a write-up mainly written for large audiences such as newspapers, magazines, or journals. With the ever-increasing demand of information from significant search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, website owners prefer to outsource some pieces to meet it. Some renowned article writing accounts include upwork.com, freelancer.com, fiverr.com, Scripted, Textbroker (TB), among others.

2. Paid online surveys in Kenya

Did you know that you can make money by answering questions? You only need your phone and a couple of websites such as Opinion Space and Paid View Point. You will also need plenty of time and some data balance. However, this is one of the lowest-paying internet jobs in Kenya, as you will have to take a lot of surveys to reach the minimum withdrawal balance.

3. Online research jobs in Kenya

Research writing is another online work in Kenya. The payment rates depend on your employer. Some can go up to Ksh. 1,000 per page for quality work and others as low as Ksh. 250 per page. If you can type over ten pages a day, then you can earn a lot of money.

4. Web and graphic design

We live in a digital world where a lot of companies value their online presence. If you can design a good website and graphics, then you can easily get outsourced by big companies such as Safaricom, Airtel, and lots of other international firms outside the country. Experts in this field might also earn a lot from various high-paying gigs.

5. Online marketing influencer

People in this field know what to do to make sales quickly on social media and the entire web. They have a massive following on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Companies such as Bonfire Adventures, Jumia, Jiji, and Haofinder need the services of such individuals. Affiliate marketing is also closely related to influencing and works well for website owners.

6. Transcription

One of the best online jobs in Kenya is transcription. Working from home as a transcriptionist is exciting if you have excellent listening skills and strong work ethics. You will listen to recorded or live audio files and convert them into text format. They can either be from the medical, legal, or even education sector.

You will need accuracy, ability to meet deadlines, and confidentiality to succeed in this field. You can make anything ranging from Ksh. 100 to Ksh. 3,000 per hour, depending on your employer or account.

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7. Data entry

It is the process of feeding information into a computer using devices such as a scanner, disk, voice, keyboard, or even a mouse. Data entry requires you to be well conversant with using programs such as Microsoft Excel.

You will also need to have excellent typing skills with minimal errors. Many online data entry jobs will sometimes require you to enter the information directly to a server.

8. E-books writing

Gone are the days when people would walk into bookshops and get copies of inspirational or even humorous novels to keep them busy during the weekend. Storybooks are nowadays readily available on the internet.

Social media platforms and sites such as Amazon offer passionate readers an opportunity to grab any book without necessarily having to visit the stores. A typical 20 to 30 pages e-book costs around Ksh. 50 to Ksh. 100. Bigger volumes can even go up to Ksh. 1000.

How do you receive the cash to your M-Pesa?

In most cases, online job opportunities for Kenyans are based in other countries. But this isn’t a hindrance whatsoever. The companies mostly pay via PayPal and with the click of a button, you can transfer funds easily from your Paypal to M-Pesa account.

These are the best online jobs in Kenya that pay through M-Pesa. It’s time to secure the bag!

You Must Understand This

Online jobs involve risks, especially when you are working for a direct client whom you have never met and hardly know. While we offer you the utmost good advice and information, we are not liable for any losses you might incur while engaging in the mentioned jobs. It is your responsibility to take the necessary precautions when doing online transactions.

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