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Zash Loan App Download, Registration, Apply loan, repay loan

by Louis
Zash Loan App


Zash Loan App in the past known as KopaKash is a portable money bank in Kenya. The portable loaning stage charges distinctive beginning expenses as indicated by the item you pick, which will at that point be utilized for FICO rating appraisal, account the executives, just as installment costs.

One extremely regular practice in Kenya is portable loaning. Its prevalence and simple openness, has prompted a blast in the number of versatile loan applications accessible in the nation, as an immediate reaction to the consistently developing interest present here.

One of those portable loan applications accessible in Kenya is Zash

How To Apply For A Zash Loan

To apply for a loan with Zash Loan, simply:

  1. Go to Google Play Store on your android device and search for Zash Loan App. Alternatively, you can download the Zash Loan Mobile app via this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kopakash
  2. As soon as you are done downloading the Zash Loan application on your smartphone, install and launch the application.
  3. Next, register for Zash Loan with your Safaricom phone number that already has M-Pesa enabled.
  4. Once done, select the Zash Loan product that you would like to apply for.
  5. Next, type in your basic information and upload the necessary documents.
  6. After uploading said documents, proceed to submit your application.

After submission, the final application result will be shown in the Zash Loan APP. If your application is approved, a notification will also be sent to you via SMS.

Please ensure that you sign the loan agreement that will be sent to you after the approval. You can do so electronically.

Zash loan assures users and loan applicants that their data is safe, as it is transferred over a secure HTTPS connection. Zash Loan does not share your data or information with any third party (excluding the lenders), without your consent and all the transactions are secured via a 128-bit SSL encryption.

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How To Repay Your Zash Loan Via Paybill

To repay your Zash loan via Paybill, simply:

  1. Open up your M-Pesa
  2. Select the ‘Lipa Na Mpesa’ option.
  3. Next type in 733555 as the business number in the Business Number field. This is the Paybill number for Zash Loan.
  4. Once done, type in your Safaricom phone number as the account number in the Account Number field.
  5. Next, type in the Loan amount you would like to pay.
  6. Type in your M-Pesa PIN.
  7. Once done, select submit.

 Upon submission of your loan repayment, you will receive a notification from Zash as well as M-Pesa, confirming that your repayment transaction was successful and that your Zash loan has been settled.

How To Repay Your Zash Loan Via Bank Account

To repay your Zash loan via Bank Account, simply deposit the loan amount to the bank details below:

Account Name; Lui Bo

Account number; 2041217491



Short Code; 03094

If you need further assistance from Zash however, you can also reach them via their email address: cs@kopakash.com

You can also visit their office at Tetezi TowerGeorge Padmore RoadNairobi CityKenya.

Sending a message to the Zash support team via the Zash Loan app is another option.

What You Should Know About Zash Loan

The following are sure things you should think about the Zash Loan i.e, the highlights:

  • Zash Loan is accessible crosswise over Kenya.
  • So as to utilize Zash Loan, you should live in Kenya.
  • Zash gives loans from at least 1,000 Kenyan Shillings to a limit of 50,000 Kenyan Shillings.
  • As your financial assessment builds the sum you will have the option to loan with or from Zash, will likewise increment.
  • Zash Loan is just qualified for people who are 18 years above and not more seasoned than 60 years.
  • All Zash Loan candidates must have a month to month wellspring of pay so as to fit the bill for a loan.
  • The most limited loan term with Zash Loan, is 91 days, while the longest span is 120 days.
  • Loans on Zash, draw in the greatest financing cost of 20 percent, per annum (year).
  • Clients of Zash Loan, don’t have to have a record as a consumer before getting to loans with the versatile moneylender.
  • Applying for loans on Zash is a totally advanced and paperless procedure that can be completed from the solace of your cell phone.
  • Zash gives access to loans twenty-four (24) hours per day and seven (7) days per week.
  • Zash Loan offers its clients an assortment of reimbursement strategies that are helpful.
  • The audit procedure for a loan application with Zash takes a limit of thirty (30) minutes.
  • Upon endorsement, your mentioned loan sum will be kept legitimately into your financial balance or M-Pesa versatile wallet account inside five (5) minutes.

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