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7 Types of Car Brokers In Mombasa – Business this day


One of the people who buy cars from Mombasa has perfectly described 7 types of car brokers.Below is the hilarious post:

1) The Leopard : They are a solo identity. They go about taking photos from one showroom to the next without engaging much. If they have to speak, they ask for the price from the dealer & leave silently. They advertise cars on social media platforms like twitter & Facebook.

They are the best as they have a reputation to protect online so they sell good units

2) The Wolf pack : A group of individuals working together. They identify potential clients and connect them with a car immediately they catch sight of a client walking the streets. They have a bond formed majorly along ethical lines. In Mombasa it’s a Kamba , Western Kenya &  Mount Kenya  affair when it comes to wolf packs packs. They do not eat alone in a shared deal. One is nothing without the group. They will go pick a client in a Noah or voxy from the airport i.e all of them. client may think He is being abducted.

They have a leader who makes decisions for the group.

3) The Hyena : These hang around any showroom & will pounce on a client entering a showroom even if they (the client) is accompanied by another broker. They MUST get a share of the deal no matter what.They will show you a unit even after you had identified the same unit through your broker. car dealers seldom like engaging them as they turn away clients. They are the type that fights each other for commission. Avoid them at all cost. They once conned a client 1,000,000 shillings at the Mombasa KRA showroom. To date there is a notice at the entrance warning clients to be vigilant of Con men.

4) The Lady Bird : They are female brokers. They advertise alot on Jiji , facebook & instagram. They know how to dress to impress a client.The lady birds from Mount Kenya do some serious sales especially from individuals buying the Hiace 9L & 7L.

Some male clients end up falling for them. Some get happy endings after the sale. No problem getting some pleasure after The Deal is done.

5) The Prince : These are foreigners working for local showrooms. Mainly found in Pakistani & Muhindi Showrooms & yards.They have a huge appetite for Money. Their prices are way above normal .They have to Earn commission from Sales you know !

They will load upto 200,000 shillings on a unit.

Most Brokers avoid them & prefar dealing with the Head sales or Owner direct. They are the best when you want photos of units as they directly use the company camera  to take photos.

6) The Wizards : These ones use charm to make sales. They even visit African Chemists shrines in upcountry for The charms ! They trace clients at the Bus stop in Mwembe Tayari. Once they greet you , its a done deal. You will buy the car through them.

7) The Jackals – These ones Con people online with the promise of buying or Importing cars for them. One client pays they ruthlessly focus on disappearing. The Showroom does not even know him.

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