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Banks in Kenya and their Paybill Numbers


Each bank in Kenya has its own Paybill Number. Below we provide a list of banks in Kenya and Paybill Numbers for each of them. You will be using the Paybill Number to send money from your Mpesa to a particular bank.

  1. Africa Banking Coproration(ABC) Paybill Number— 111777
  2. Bank of Africa (BOA) Kenya Paybill Number—972900
  3. Bank of Baroda Kenya Paybill Number—902363
  4. ABSA Bank Kenya Paybill Number—303030
  5. Stanbic Bank Kenya Paybill Number—600100
  6. Citibank Paybill Number— 380380
  7. NCBA Paybill Number—880100
  8. Consolidated Bank Kenya Paybill Number—508400
  9. Cooperative Bank Kenya Paybill Number—400200
  10. Credit Bank Kenya Paybill Number—972700
  11. DIB Bank Kenya Paybill Number—342342
  12. Diamond Trust Bank Paybill Number—516600
  13. Ecobank Kenya Paybill Number—700201
  14. Equatorial Commercial Bank Paybill Number—498100
  15. Equity Bank Kenya Paybill Number—247247
  16. Family Bank Paybill Number—222111
  17. Faulu Kenya Bank Paybill Number—328585
  18. GTBank Kenya Paybill Number—910200
  19. First Community Bank Paybill Number—919700
  20. Guardian Bank Paybill Number—344500
  21. Gulf African Bank Paybill Number—985050
  22. Housing Finance Bank Paybill Number—911311
  23. Imperial Bank Paybill Number—800100
  24. I&M Bank Paybill Number—542542
  25. Jamii Bora Bank Paybill Number—529901
  26. Sidian Bank Paybill Number—111999
  27. Kingdom Bank Paybill Number—529901
  28. KCB Bank Paybill Number—522522
  29. KWFT Paybill Number—101200
  30. National Bank Paybill Number—625625
  31. M-Oriental Bank Paybill Number—986500
  32. Paramount Bank Kenya Paybill Number—907950
  33. Access Bank Kenya Paybill Number—862862
  34. Prime Bank Paybill Number—982800
  35. Postbank Kenya paybill number—200999
  36. Standard Chartered Bank Paybill Number—329329
  37. UBA Bank Kenya Paybill Number—559907
  38. Victoria Commercial bank Paybill Number—842100
  39. CIB Kenya Paybill Number—961610
  40. Premier Bank Kenya Paybill Number—919700
  41. Faulu Microfinance Bank Kenya Paybill Number—328585
  42. Faida investment Bank Paybill Number—888900

The Paybill Numbers attract transaction charges.

How to send money from your Mpesa account to a bank via Paybill

  • Go to Lipa Na M-pesa, paybill option
  • Enter Business Number (Bank Paybiill Number)
  • Enter Account number: Your bank account you wish to deposit money to.
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit
  • Enter the M-Pesa PIN and confirm the transaction
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS from Mpesa immediately
  • You will then receive a confirmation SMS with the details of the deposit from the bank that received the payment

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