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Building bedsitters or building single rooms, which is better?


You have 50 by 100 or 100 by 100 plot, you need to know which among the two will be the best. Well, Single rooms are cheaper to build than bedsitters but most people prefer bedsitters.

A bedsitter is one with a toilet and kitchen inside the room. It’s bigger than a single room. In a 50 by 100 plot, there will be about 12 single rooms and a latrine. In the same plot, there will be 6-8 bedsitters.

To build 12 single rooms, you will spend Ksh 25 million to Ksh 3 million. To build 8 bedsitters, you will spend Ksh 3 million to Ksh 4 million. I am speaking about quality rooms which attract clients.

The total number of bedsitters are 8.

Foundation—Ksh 400,000

Walling—Ksh 400,000

Roofing—Ksh 1 million

Finishing—-Ksh 1.5 million

Fundi—Ksh 500,000

Total=Ksh 3,800,000

Total number of single rooms are 12

Foundation—Ksh 300,000

Walling—Ksh 400,000

Roofing—Ksh 1 million

Finishing—Ksh 600,000

Fundi—Ksh 400,000

Total cost=Ksh 2,700,000

The cost of building single rooms will be less than the cost of building bedsitters by Ksh 1.1 million. But you need a latrine which will cost Ksh 200,000. This means that the difference will be Ksh 900,000

Each single room will cost Ksh 4,000. The 12 single rooms will fetch Ksh 48,000 per month

Each bedsitter will fetch Ksh 7,500. The 8 bedsitters will fetch Ksh 60,000

The bedsitters will be more comfortable than single rooms because in the bedsitters, you have your own toilet and kitchen. They will be full most of the time. But single rooms are not so attractive because it’s not self-contained. You will find people moving out all the time.

Building bedsitters is better than single rooms and in the long run, they will generate more profits.

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