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Cost of Building the foundation of a bungalow house in Kenya


This man wanted to inquire about the cost of a foundation of a house. He had requested for a quotation from a fundi and he was told the cost for a 3-bedroom bungalow house is Ksh 240,000. He wants to know whether it’s true.

“Her Amani am Martin from Nairobi.I have a plot which I want to develop, it’s located in Ruiru.I recently asked for a quotation for a foundation of a house and my fundi told me it’s Ksh 240,000.It’s a 3 bedroom house.Is the quotation right?

We asked our members to contribute to this discussion and here are the answers the gave.

Martin from Kiambu

“Mine is a 3 bedoom Bungalow which I built last year.I spent Ksh 320,000 on the foundation.This includes the cost of labor and materials.I personally supervised the construction”

Noel from Nairobi

“Huyo fundi ako sawa.I cannot tell exact figure for my house but it ranges between Ksh 250,000 and Ksh 300,000.Mine is also a 3-bedroom bungalow

Stella from Joska Nairobi

“I built mine in 2021.I don’t think I spent more than Ksh 350,000 on the foundation.I personally purchased materials. The work of my fundi was to build.The entire house costed me Ksh 2.7 million and I love it.

If you engage your fundi in buying the materials,he might exaggerate the prices”

From what I have gathered above, it’s clear that the cost of constructing the foundation of a 3-bedroom bungalow is Ksh 250,000 to Ksh 400,000. It’s determined by the cost of the materials, cost of labor, type of soil and the size of the rooms.Supervision is also important to avoid exaggeration of the costs by the foreman.

Note:If you have also built your house,you can leave a comment on the amount of money you spent on the foundation and the entire house.

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