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How I Make Ksh 150,000 per month by selling women dresses and handbags from Eastleigh


I lost my job in 2019 which was paying me Ksh 60,000. Our company was going down because sales were low. I was forced to start tarmacking again. Since I had saved some money, I used part of it to pay rent for 6 months. But from there I started becoming broke. I had thought that I would get a job soon but it took longer. I had 2 children to feed but no job.

I was forced to start something to keep me going. And since I was active on Facebook and WhatsApp, a thought came to my mind that I should sell something. That time people were not travelling a lot to Nairobi. I decided I will go to Eastleigh, take picture of dresses and handbags in a shop and post them on my Facebook wall and a status on WhatsApp. I did that for several days, surprisingly I started getting orders. Someone would order, then I rush to Eastleigh, buy the dress and send it to the client. I used to make Ksh 400 to Ksh 1,000 per dress and at least Ksh 300 per handbag. At first I was getting at most 5 orders per week. The money helped me pay rent and buy food.

I have done the business consistently for 3 years until now my Facebook has 93,000 followers. I also have a page on WhatsApp for my clients. In a day I get 10-20 clients and I average a profit of Ksh 5,000 per day.

What helped me was the fact that I created a Facebook page where I get my clients from. I am also honest—I have to deliver to clients once I receive an order from them. If I deliver something and it’s rejected, I accept to replace it.

Due to the trust customers have on me, I am unable to have new customers, referrals and returning customers. Nowadays I don’t worry about how I’ll pay my rent and school fees—I do them so easily.

There was a time I wanted to look for a job but since my business is doing well, I am not interested anymore. I plan to start importing clothes from Turkey to target a different segment of women. Turkey clothes are expensive but their profit margin is high.You buy one dress for Ksh 6,000 and sell it for Ksh 12,000.Even if you sell one dress per day, you are just okay.

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