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How to start boda boda Spare Parts Business in Kenya with Ksh 500,000


Do you know you can start boda boda spare parts business with Ksh 500,000 only? Below are the items you need in order to set up the business:

1. Rent and deposit – Sh 30,000

2. Counter and shelves – Sh 40,000

3. Unified Business permit – Sh 15,000

4. Signboard – Sh 10,000

5. Stickers (spare parts) – Sh 20,000

6. Initial stock – Sh 275,000

7. Desktop plus POS – Sh 60,000

8. Padlocks, mop, bucket, chairs etc – Sh 10,000

9. CCTV plus screen – Sh 30,000

10. Wifi – Sh 3,000

11. Miscellaneous – Sh 7,000

You expect to make Ksh 3,000 to Ksh 10,000 per day from a stock of Ksh 500,000.

Leah who operates a motorcycle spare part business in Nairobi tells me that she started the business with a capital of Ksh 750,000. Her monthly income is Ksh 120,000 to Ksh 180,000. The stock is now worth Ksh 1.2 million.

For you to improve the income, you have to include boda boda repair services. Look for someone who knows how to repair and employ them to the job. This will increase your income and to ensure that those with issues are sorted there and then.

In Nairobi, the capital required for the business will be in the neighbourhood of Ksh 1.5 million. With this amount of capital, making a profit of Ksh 10,000 and above per month is easy.

Another thing to include in your shop is offering the boda boda on loan.This one will make you a millionaire.

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  • Kisii
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