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“I make Ksh 10,000 in a bad day selling umbrellas in Nairobi”,Opiyo brags on social media – Business this day


A Kenyan man by the name Opiyo has bragged how he is making Ksh 10,000 on a bad day by selling umbrella in Nairobi. He says this is one of the booming businesses you can start during rainy season.

“Mimi nauza umbrella Nairobi CBD.To be honest, during rainy season is when I make the most money. Right now I make Ksh 10,000 to Ksh 30,000 per day.I normally buy umbrellas during dry season,from November to March and I stock them.Each umbrella costs Ksh 100 to Ksh 300 when I buy in bulky.I sell the cheapest at Ksh 500 and the one for Ksh 300 at Ksh 700 to Ksh 1000.In a day I sell 30 to 200 umbrellas.Kama hii wiki nimeuza sana hadi naona stock inaenda kuisha.

But ubaya wa hii job yetu ni vile ni seasonal. Wakati wa kiangazi I don’t sell.I hawk other things like bottled water na njugu karanga”

It’s not a surprise that umbrella business is booming at the moment, it’s expected.

Another booming business during this rainy season is garage business. Right now many vehicles are experiencing engine problems.

Selling coffee and tea will also boom. Set up a hotel to sell hot coffee and tea.In Nairobi CBD,you’ll never get space in coffee shops.As it rains,everyone rush there to warm their body by drinking tea,coffee or cocoa.The owners of those shops make decent profits.

You can also sell rainy coats and boots. Most people will not mind buying at any price especially when it’s cold.

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