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I pursued a degree in Actuarial Science and I have been jobless for 10 years. How can I make myself marketable?


 This man graduated with a degree in Actuarial Science and he has been jobless for 10 years. He is seeking advise on what to do in order to become more marketable.

“Hey Admin, I am Actuarial Science graduate with a Second Class Upper Division. I graduated in 2014 but up to now, I have not managed to secure meaningful employment. Though I got a few short terms contracts, I am not yet satisfied with the renumeration. I feel that I am stuck. Please help me know how I can become marketable”

A professional course will boost your chances of getting a job. There are 2 best professional courses which are ideal for Actuarial Science Graduates:

1.Actuarial professional certification

2.Chartered Financial Analyst(CFA)

Both courses will take you 2-4 years to complete. Upon completion, you’ll be surprised how fast you will secure employment.

With a Masters course, your chances securing employment will be boosted. But you should enroll for the program in top universities in UK, USA, Canada or Australia. Even if your degree course is from a local university, the Masters course will dwarf the degree course. It will also enable you secure employment as a lecturer.

You can also proceed to pursue PhD in Actuarial Science and become a lecturer. With a PhD, opportunities will be many.

It seems opportunities in your country are limited. Moving out of the country will be an ideal alternative.UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Gulf are some of the places where unemployment level is low. Get a Visa and relocate.

Look for a marketable career and shift to that career. It’s not a must to do what you studied for. There are marketable courses like Nursing, Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery, Bachelor of Computer Science, Bachelor of Pharmacy or Bachelor of Law. Select one and do it part time.

Maybe your destiny is in entrepreneurship. Identify a profitable business and set it up.If you find comfort there, stick to it.You can also start doing online remote jobs as well as become a YouTuber.

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