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Kenyans share their experience on houses with hidden roof


Kenyans were asked to share their experiences with hidden roof. The comments are as follows:


I korogad my gutter on my hidden roof and waterproofed it, perfect not a drop of water came thru and I have excess storage now more than 40k litres, it’s a good design if no shortcuts are taken

Comment 2

I have one. And not even a drop! But hidden roof MUST be done by a professional, plus one who understands them well. Otherwise, you’ll HATE your house! Or you’ll hate your decisions!


Proper drainage is vital. Hidden + flat roofs create a huge basin/reservoir for water. The drainage must be adequate to drain the water fast.


I have one with a hidden roof. It wasn’t done properly and now has drainage issues. During rainy season, I had to look for fundi to fix it.


Hidden roof is the best thing I did for my house. That’s where I relax when I am at home.


I own one with heap roof in the village and another one with a flat roof in Nairobi. I spent less Ksh 600,000 on building the flat roof house. Hidden roof is cost effective and beautiful.

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