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Most profitable businesses to start in Uganda with small capital and become a millionaire 2023


There are plenty of businesses to start in Uganda with small capital and become a millionaire. The year 2023 is ideal for business, especially if you have small amount you’ve saved but you lack ideas. Below we are going to list some of the most profitable businesses to start in Uganda with as little as UGX 100,000.

 Grocery shop

Grocery shop is very profitable especially in Kampala. With just UGX 100, 000, you’ll be able to buy fruits and vegetables, set up a shop and start selling. You will grow over time and eventually become a millionaire.

Hotel business

Start a small restaurant where population is big, sell the most demanded items. Restaurant business require a capital of UGX 1 million to UGX 5 million. In a day you will make in excess of UGX 50,000.

Wines & Spirits shop

Start a small shop that sells wines & Spirits. You will need a capital of UGX 1 million to UGX 5 million. If you can manage to set it up especially in Kampala, you will grow so fast. Wines and Spirts business is among the most profitable businesses to do in Uganda. With a stock of UGX 5 million, you will make over UGX 40,000 daily.

Car wash

Car wash business will do well in major towns where cars are in plenty .You need a capital of UGX 500,000 and above. In a day if you get more than 10 cars, you will smile all the way to the bank.

Boda boda

Bodaboda will always be a profitable business. This is one business with low running costs. As long as you fuel it, you will always make money. But you have to run it yourself to avoid being taken advantage of. You can get a bodaboda through loan or save money and buy a brand new one. You need a capital of UGX 1 million to UGX 3 million to buy a bodaboda.In a day your target is to get 20 customers, which is possible.


If you have big land, start farming, keep dairy cows, rear chicken and also plant fruits and vegetables. Farming is the next gold in Uganda. Most people are moving to towns and they don’t farm anything there, they depend on food from villages.

Bodaboda spare part business

The demand for Bodaboda spare parts has skyrocketed. Set up this business and see how fast you will become a millionaire. But the capital might not be so small, you need more than UGX 5 million.

Mobile phone repair business

Another little known business you should engage yourself in is mobile phone repair business. Train yourself on how to repair smartphones and set up a shop particularly in Kampala. The capital required is very small because you only need just a space to operate from.

PlayStation business

Nowadays the demand for PlayStation is extremely high, creating opportunities for those who want to start PlayStation business. Think through this idea, look for capital and set up the business.


Airbnb are replacing guest houses. Nowadays people want privacy as well as prepare their own food. They also want enough time to relax. Guest Houses limit people from occupying the rooms, they can’t even cook by themselves.

To start Airbnb is easy, you need a capital of UGX 500,000 only.

Sell bottled water

If you live in major towns, think about the business of selling clean bottled water. This is water you tap from rain, treat it, put it in bottles and sell to your clients. The business is not saturated.

Start a Chemist

People will always be sick, they will come for drugs in your Chemist. Obtain a license and start your own Chemist. The capital will range between UGX 3 million and UGX 10 million.

Chemist business is extremely profitable, you are the ones to determine the price of the product you sell.

Hardware shop

Set up a hardware shop that sells construction materials. This is one business that will guarantee profits 100%.You will easily become a millionaire if you manage to start this type of business.

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