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Saccos with best home loans and mortgages in Kenya


There are specific sites which offer home loans and mortgages in Kenya. Below we list the best Saccos to join in Kenya if you want to get a loan to build your home.

Sacco loan amount—No maximum loan amount (Up to 4 times your deposit amount)

Interest rate—1.25% per month on reducing balance

Repayment period—Up to 10 years, equivalent of 120 months.

Maximum loan amount—Ksh 20 million

Interest rate—1.125% per month

Interest rate—9% per year

Repayment period—20 years

Loan maximum amount—Ksh 8 million

Loan processing fee—Ksh1,000

Interest rate—9% per year

Maximum loan amount—Ksh 105 million

Repayment period—up to 25 years

Loan amount—Up to 10 times your deposit amount

Interest rate—12% per year on reducing balance

Loan repayment period—Up to 20 years

Loan amount—Up to Ksh 20 million

Minimum value—Ksh 1.5 million

Interest rate— 8% p.a for loans paid in less than 10 years and 9% p.a for loans over 10 years. Interest rate is calculated on a reducing balance

Maximum loan term—Up to 25 years

Minimum/Maximum Loan Amount—Ksh 500,000.00 – Ksh 4,000,000.00

Maximum loan amount—Ksh 5 million

Interest rate—1% per month

Deposit multiplier—5 times your deposit amount

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