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The Rise and fall of Eve Mungai.What went wrong?


Eve Mungai was a threat to leading media houses in Kenya. Her growth was amazing and exponential, until something went wrong and pulled her from the throne to the grass. Her break up with Director Trevor was not a blessing but a curse. It was the last nail in the coffin of his success.

Until 2023, Eve was generating total income of Ksh 3 million per month. Her Instagram account was pulling in a whopping Ksh 1 million monthly, YouTube over Ksh 1.5 million monthly and Facebook at least Ksh 200,000. She was swimming in money.

Eve became attractive to Kenyan men, the who is who in the media, business and political circles. Her instant fame couldn’t project in Director Trevor—who was seen as a joyrider. The boyfriend kept low profile, prompting Kenyans to call him “kafukuswi”. Eve saw herself as a trophy woman, a woman who Trevor MUST work hard to keep. She slowly started disregarding Trevor’s role in her success. She was blanketed with ego and entitlement—completely dominating Director Trevor.

The two started as a humble couple. I remember them living in Umoja where they used to commute daily from work—they didn’t even own a car.I used meet them around Donholm while going for shopping. They later moved to Kileleshwa, a leafy suburb where people who matter and many of those making decisions for the country live. Truly, the two were destined for greatness—but we were absolutely wrong!

In 2024, Eve moved from her house in Kieleshwa, a decision she made after realizing she could live on her own—money was not a problem. She had been sleeping in a separate room with Trevor for nearly 8 months. Her moving out prompted Trevor to announce the breakup. In one of the interviews, she said, “we don’t need her(Eve) services”. The two went separate ways and each of them started new life.

Immediately after the breakup, Eve started producing her own content. The first person she hosted was Andrew Kibe.That particular video generated over 720,000 views. Kenyans were excited that Eve is now back. However, two months later, she has only interviewed 9 people. Her Facebook page is dormant. Her inability to thrive as she previously demonstrated left Kenyans worried. They started questioning her competence—it’s not the Eve they knew, who was rushing from one location to the other for interviews. The girl could interview up to 10 people per day.

Andrew Kibe, after keenly following Eve’s activities, concluded that Trevor was indeed the man behind Eve’s success—he was the engine. He regretted attending the interview that gave Eve mileage which she didn’t capitalize on.

Kenyans underrated Director Trevor—they should apologize to him. After separation, they have realized he isn’t as ignorant as he used to be portrayed. Despite the separation, he has focused on his work, growing the Kenya Online Media page and making it one of the most active Facebook pages in Kenya. He has also created his own blog, Kenya Online Media and also actively uploaded videos on YouTube. As he does all this, Eve is still moving around the world as she enjoy the money they made together with Trevor.

In fullness of time, Eve will realize that Trevor was not just a man, but also a resourceful person in her life—he ought to be treasured. He tolerated her, he shielded her and supported her in all aspects, in return, he was made a doormat. She will finally drop her ego and reach out to the man, who those lose to him say he is an amazing human being with a good heart.

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