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Who is King Rosso gifting Kenyans lions in TikTok


Many people are aiming to know the identity of King Rosso, the mysterious person gifting Kenyans lions worth Ksh 58k and above. Up to now, nobody knows the identity of the person.

Recently, Pastor Kanyari identified himself as King Rosso.He claims that he is behind the name and the one who has been gifting Kenyans lions.He further warned Kenyans against insulting him, laming that he will stop gifting them on TikTok if they don’t respect him.

“I am King Roso here TikTok.I have been gifting Kenyans who impress me.I decided to come out openly.But don’t mess with me,I will stop gifting you”,Pastor Kanyari

But reliable sources say that King Rosso is a fund set aside by TokTok for Kenyan TikTokers.They award Kenyans who excel in the platform and those with high following to promote the platform in Kenya. The fund is credited to PayPal and received by Kenyans who are awarded. This fund is available because Kenyans don’t generally earn directly from TikTok like people in countries such as USA.When TikTok starts to pay Kenyans.

There is a Kenyan in UAE who claims that King Rosso is a tycoon in UAE who also gifts TikTokers in the country.

“I know King Rosso,he is here in UAE and he gifts people lions. He is a tycoon who want to surrender some of his money.If he likes you,he will gift you”,says the TikToker

Other TikTokers claim that King Rosso is an Illuminati who want the religion to spread.

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