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Bomas of Kenya Charges, Contacts, Location


Bomas of Kenya is located along Langata Road and near Karen.There are many events happening at Bomas.Below we provide details about Bomas, charges, direction from Nairobi CBD and entry fee:

1.           Afternoon
    traditional dances     – 300/=     2.30 pm to 4.00 pm –
        Adultsdult – 100/=  
    i) Scheduled Perfor-   documents Children – 200/=25/= Weekdays
    mance   Prior booking StudentsSchool- 200/=Parties (Nursery 3.30 pm to 5.15 pm –
    Daily afternoon per-     NONtoHighRESIDENT:School) – 20/= Weekends & Public
    formances     AdultsResident-1000/=College Stu-
    Morning perfor-     Childrentde 30500/=–NON RESI-
    mances     University/CollegeDENTSAdult Students-600/=-500/=
          KENYANChild-CITIZEN:300/= 11.00 am to 12.30 pm
          Adults – 200/=     Tuesdays and Fridays
          STUDENT – 300/=
          Children – 50/=      
          University/College Students – 100/=  
          School Parties (Nursery  
          to High School) – 50/=  
    ii) Unscheduled Per-   Prior booking Kshs. 45,000 – Kshs. 1 hour show
    formance     55,000      
    (hire of traditional     Kshs. 55,000 (+ mileage +  
    dances)     fuel + accommodation +  
    Within BOK Within     allowance)      
    Nairobi Out of Nairobi              
2. Traditional Villages     Charges inclusive of Daily 10.00 a.m to 6.00
          traditional dances p.m
  3 Children’s Play     Entry per child – 50/= 4 hours
    Ground     School parties – 30/=  
  4. Restaurant   Walk – in or Reservation Menu price     Daily 9.00 a.m to 11.00
  5. Procurement   Adherence to Procurement As applicable in the Pro As stipulated in the
        and Disposal Act curement and Disposal advert/ contract
          Act and Regulations of  
6. Payments   Invoices and / or Free       60 days after delivery
        LPO copies          
7. Payment of salaries   BOK employee Free       By 30th of every month
8. Conferences, AG Ms   Booking AAuditoriumt – Kshs.    
    Meetings functions     Kshs348,00348,00/= per0/=dayperMulday-    
    and events.     MultitipurpurposeHallHall-kshs.    
          Kshs232,00232,00/- per0/=dayperVIPday    
          VIPLoungeLounge-Kshs. 35,000/=    
          Wedding-Kshs.50,000/=Ground per    
          KshsdayTeam50,000/=Buildingper day-    
          HireKshsof.50,000/=grounds per day    
          KshsHire of102,280/=groundsper-Kshsday.    
          Wedding102,280/=inpertheday Wed-    
          Culturapedayl Cultura/lunchdinnedinner/    
          NBB::– Cost inclusiveve ofof    
          VATVAT wherere applicable    
9. Recruitment of Per-   Advertisement and Applica- Free       As stipulated in the
    sonnel   tion.         advert and BOK Human
        Budgeted vacant position         Resource Policy
10. General Security     Free       24 hours
11. Tenancy   Lease Agreement Kshs. 60/= per square As per lease agreement
12. Sale of Products     DVD Kshs 1000/=   Scheduled perfor-
    Dance Programme booklet
          mance hours
          Kshs 150/=    
          Traditional ornament and  
          costume booklet  
          Kshs 150/=      
          Traditional musical  
          instrument booklet  
          Ksh 150/=      
          Traditional village booklet  
13. Video Recording/   As per contract – Domestic use of camera 6.00 a.m to 6.00 p.m
    Filming     during performance and  
          Tour of traditional villages  
          Consult corporate and  
          – Commercial – As per  
          – Commercial Sites – As  
          per contract  
          Local Music Recording –  
          Kshs. 20,000 per day  
14. Photography   On request/ Booking Wedding photo session – 6.00 a.m to 6.00 p.m
          Kshs. 10,000/=  
15. Picnic sites     Adult – Kshs. 100/= Child 8.00 a.m to 6.00 p.m
          – Kshs. 50/=  
17. Attendance of tele-   A telephone call Free       3 rings
    phone calls              
18. Response to com-   Resolution of complaint, com- Free       21 working days
    plaints, compliments   pliment and suggestion          
    and suggestions              
19.     weekdays Free       8.00 a.m to 5.00 p.m

In case these services do not conform to the standards above, direct complaints or queries to the customer care help desk, within the ground floor of the Administration Block of Bomas of Kenya Limited.

Bomas of Kenya Contacts

Email us at complaints@bomasofkenya.co.ke

Tel: +254-8891802 8890793/5/8

020-2617581 / 8068400


General Manager P.O.Box 40689-00100

Kenyan Citizens  
Adults KShs. 200
Children KShs. 50
University/College Students KShs. 100
School Parties (Nursery to High School) KShs. 50
Residents/East Africa Community  
Adult KShs. 300
Children KShs. 200
Students KShs. 200
Adults KShs. 1000
Children KShs. 500
University/College Students KShs. 500

You can see for university and college students; the entry fee is Ksh 100 only. For children it’s Ksh 50 only.

The entry fee may change from time to time, but we will be updating you whenever changes occur.

Forest Edge Road


+254208068400 | +254208890798 | +254208891575 | +254202022426

Saturday 3:30–5:15 pm
Sunday 3:30–5:15 pm
Monday 2:30–4 pm
Tuesday 2:30–4 pm
Wednesday 2:30–4 pm
Thursday 2:30–4 pm
Friday 2:30–4 pm

There are many matatu stages in Nairobi CBD to Bomas.One of them is at Ambassador House. Board KBS or City Hoppa heading Karen and alight at Bomas of Kenya. Another stage is at Railways Nairobi. Board one that goes to Rongai but alight at Bomas of Kenya.

There is also another stage at Nyayo National Stadium. You will spend Ksh 30 to Ksh 50 to Bomas of Kenya.

It takes 20 minutes to 1 hour from Nairobi CBD to Bomas.

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