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Sarit Center Parking Fee, Contacts, Activities and charges


Sarit Center is located at Westlands Nairobi.It’s one of the best places to shop.Below we provide important details about the place to help you maneuver the mall with ease when you visit.


Duration Parking fee (KES)
0-60min  50
60-180min  100
3-4 hours 200
4-5 hours 300
Each additional hour
Above 5 hours
(Above 60min)

Replacement Fee of a lost ticket is KES 500

Overnight Parking between 3am – 5am is KES 1000


Duration Parking fee (Shs)
<2 hours 30
2-3 hours 50
3-4 hours 100
4-5 hours 200
Above 5 hours 50 for every additional hour
6pm to 6am (flat rate) 50
Lost ticket 500


Parking Fee Band (Shs) Service Charge (Shs)
0 to 99  5
100 to 199 10
200 to 299 15
300 and above 20

If you visit Sarit Center regularly, get a card at the Ground Floor where you pay in advance and enter the mall hustle free.

The card allows quick and easy card-controlled entry and exit to the Car Park A, Car Park B, Car Park C, and Silo Car Parks.

The card is prepaid and you are able to check the balance.

Sarit has several cark parks easily accessible from all sides of the mall.

  • Car Park A
  • Car Park B
  • Car Park C (former Multichoice Premises)
  • Silo Car Park
  • Street Parking

How to Pay

Please remember to pay for your parking at one of the pay stations located near the mall entrances before going to your vehicle. To pay for your parking, do the following:-

  1. Click on Park & Pay on Sarit Belong Loyalty App
  2. Select pay for parking
  3. Scan the QR code on the parking ticket
  4. Select your mode of payment
  5. Pay for parking

The process takes less than 3 minutes.

Located on Ground Floor

Phone: +254 111 040 600 

Email: customerservice@saritcentre.com

Bronze Package—Ksh 1,800

Silver Package—Ksh 4,000

Gold Package—Ksh 4,500


Sarit Expo Centre, Westlands, Nairobi


The Sarit Expo Centre—+254 (0)20 7762310

Century Cinemax

PINS Entertainment —Bowling alley in Nairobi Kenya, with pool, darts, virtual golf, kids play area, birthdays and more!—-0740101010

Jump Xtreme—-Jump, Scream, Xtreme—0111 122 555

Monday to Friday

10 am to 4 pm: Kshs.350 per person per game

4 pm to 8 pm: Kshs.500 per person per game

Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays

10 am to 8 pm: Kshs.500 per person per game

The prices may change from time to time.

Saturday 5 am–11:30 pm
Sunday 5 am–11:35 pm
Monday 5 am–11:30 pm
Tuesday 5 am–11:30 pm
Wednesday 5 am–11:30 pm
Thursday 5 am–11:30 pm
Friday 5 am–11:30 pm

Phone Number: 0708 702644

Phone Number: 0708702644

This is a place in Sarit Center dedicated for prayers. Anybody who wants to pray is allowed to enter the room for free.

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